QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Darth Visor, Hero, The Body, Hero, Clyde

A strong 5 PAX met this morning under perfect conditions at The Big Creek.  The weather this morning made it hard to remember those cold blustery winter mornings just a few weeks ago.

With a little confusion on who was Q’ing this morning YHC made the mistake of mentioning I have a pretty solid workout in my back pocket at all times in case of a situation like this.  So Q I did.  A quick reintroduction to the Body, who has been missing for a week and a half, and a mention of Hero’s first miss since he began 5 long weeks ago on Tues.and we were off.

Mosey to the Roman columns for some warm-ups:

The Classic:  SSH X 15

The Stretch:  Cotton Mill X 12

The Fan Fav:  Alabama Ass Kickers X 20

The Thang

Mosey to the Field of Dreams to get started on 10-4’s

At 7 points around soccer field we perform:




Big Boy Sit-Ups

Star Jumps

Monkey Humpers

American Hammers

First lap 10 reps of each then 9 and so on down to 4.  4 was the record for where we have had to stop in the past due to time.

Almost a year of strong work put in at Big Creek has paid off however, and today we blew past 4 to complete all the way down to one.  Of course, by the end you are basically just running.  Turning this into more of a cardio workout, which always makes Darth happy.  We completed a 5k by the end of this morning.

A quick 10 count and mosey back to the Roman Columns for some Mary.  On the way Darth managed to point out a pretty amazing and colorful sunrise this morning.


LBC X 20 with a little mumble chatter about how the air pockets in the back of our soaking wet shirts were reacting to the smooth service and how I’m not sure everyone can blame their shirts for the noises I heard.


  • 2nd F tonight at Gate City in preparation for new Roswell AO.
  • Continued prayers for Big Ripper and his job search
  • Thinking of the Body as he transitions from one vacation last week to his next vacation next week.  We wish him luck with a 2 year old on an airplane.
  • Good to have Darth Visor back and his improvement with asthma.

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