Better Late than Never!!!

When: 12/12/16

QIC: Callahan

PAX (): Sunshine, Matador, Simba, Crack, Callahan

Mosey around the lot.  Slide left, slide right.  Circle up for a quick dose of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Cotton Pickers. 

The thang…

Mosey to State Bridge…stop at the corner benches.  20 step ups (10 each side), 20 dips.  Rinse and repeat.  Head to Greenway. 


Lunges halfway through the mosey for two light poles.  Mosey continued.  20 donkey kicks were called for followed up by handstands against the wall for time.  


Mosey again over to the rock pile.  11s up and down the hill.  Single leg lunges while holding the rock overhead starting with ol numero uno at the bottom…leave pet rocks…then run up the hill for Merkins.  10 merkins, then counting down…  


Quick indian run, then mosey back to the flag.    


Reverse LBC, LBC, Flutter Kicks, right side plank dips, left side plank dips


Count off…almost forgot…then name o rama.


COT – Continued prayers for Flo’s wife, and for the health of others in our group!


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