Pass the Q

When: 12/13/16

QIC: Many

PAX (): Swiper, Darth Visor, Leghorn, the Hammer, Clyde, Big Dipper

After a note from the Body last night saying that he had caught the dreaded “Fartsack flu” from DV, YHC thought it might be a light crowd, but 6 PAX showed up at the Creek ready to defy Cantore once again and start the day off right!  Here is how it went…

Little bit of a Q shuffle going on, but YHC got us out of the gate with some Dozens around the kidney bean with Mercans and Monkey Humpers, starting with 11:1, stopping at each light pole to drop/add, and ending up at 1:11.  By the way, the PAX added to the fun by having to pay a toll of 5 Burpees at every cross path intersection (6 of these).

Next, we hit the coupon dispenser and did some modified Dora’s with partners alternating sprints by partner A and 50 curls, 100 OHP’s, and 150 rows by Partner B switching with each return sprint.

Pitch to DV, Q #2 for some combo’s:

Ski slaloms in the parking lot- left right, front back

toe touches on the curb (Leghorn could have had a career as a log roller with the speed he showed on this one!)

Circle Merk – Thanks DV for being the pivot man

Rockees- 2 sets of 10

Peoples chair with alternating PAX sprinting out for 10 star jumps


step ups

time 4 Mary:

clyde and the Hammer brought us home with some tough Mary exercises before an all out sprint to the flag.


– Recent FNG Leghorn is one fast white boy!  He may be better suited to catching passes from Matt Ryan than attending F3, but we are glad to have him!

-Big Dipper getting stronger.  Good work brother!

-Prayers for job searches continue

-Prayers for F3 families for the holiday

– Prayers for Hammers family this week

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