Balls to the wall for hours

When: 12/13/16

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Nacho, Blue Steel, Miller Time, Law Dog, Fondue, Mash, Foghorn, So So Def, Mufasa

Mosey over to the pool parking lot.  Side straddle hop, windmill, hillbillys & Mike Tysons (YHC botched the 5-count again, maybe we need a little help from Charlotte!)

-Merpee Mile.  10 merkins at each cross street, 10 burpees at each speed hump
-Mosey back to the playground area, people’s chair on the wall.
-Partner up for a never ending Balls to Wall exercise:

  • While partner is holding balls to the wall, other partner runs to the playground and performs 10 swerkins, then he runs back to relieve partner.  Switch roles.
  • Next exercise is 10 squats at the playground
  • Last is 10 pull-ups at the playground
  • Each man eventually does 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 of each exercise while partner is balls to the wall

-YHC assumes we broke an F3 record for amount of time spent Balls to the Wall
-The Six finished up at 06:14:30 am, so a 30 second race back to the flag, leaving no time for Mary!

10 strong on a beautiful December morning.  Continued prayers for Flo’s wife (Liz) on her recovery and prayers for a church member of Law Dog and others named Jonathan who is dealing with surgery and fighting cancer.  BTW, welcome back Law Dog!  YHC is looking forward to Foghorn’s BDAY Q this Thursday at the Rubicon.  Come join.

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