Tire’d ‘O Tires

When: 12/08/16

QIC: Darth Visor

PAX (): Swiper, Hammer, Big Dipper, Clyde, The Body, CheckMate

This workout proved not to be a re-tread but new and responsive with our old tires. Lots of mumble chatter until we dropped the checkered flag and commenced to racing. Hammer reluctant to carry the 15 pound tire due to back issues?!? manhood questioned? Not his speed, however!…Clyde proved to be Merk Champ on round two getting out of the round with 30 Rt Ctr Lft Merks. Hammer and Swiper continue to inspire Q with mumble chatter. The Body showed up ready to skid through the workout and laid some rubber on the asphalt with those all the way to ground decline tire Merks. What is a Cialis Burpee? Well, that’s when the PAX is waiting for the Burpee station to complete 20 Burpees to signal shift to next station…last more that 4 hours better call the doctor. Big Dipper and CheckMate getting fit and showing you can get more miles with a balanced exercise program! Cudo’s to the commitment. Now where are @sweeper @4/10 @chief @flatball @rueben(excused till house completed) @tarzan????????

Warm Up

SSH x 20    Imperial Walkers x 20  Cotton Mills x 10  Mountain Climbers x20

Mosey (pit crew run to our AO play lot) 

Tired O Tires

Tire Rodeo (till I say switch, actually till the Cialis Burpee’s are completed)

Take a Lap (around parking lot)
Tire 1 –  Tire Power Squats (hug tire)                                                                                     Tire 2 – Curls with tires
Tire 3 – Lunges – right step out tire to left Left step out tire to right repeto till stop
Tire 4 –  Derkins feet on tire
Tire 5 – Tire Upright Rows                                                                                               NON TIRE Burpees                                                                                                         NON TIRE Plank

Take a Lap (around parking lot)                                                                                       Tire 1 – Incline Tire Merkins                                                                                               Tire 2 – Tire Tricep Presses
Tire 3 – Tire clean and jerk to tire overhead.
Tire 4 – Offset Tire Merkins (left, center, right) 10 10 10
Tire 5 – Tire Carolina Dry Docks                                                                                       NON TIRE Luetinent Dans                                                                                             NON TIRE – American Twist
Mosey to Speed Bump for a tire change Mary’s in the pit area                                           Mary’s                                                                                                                          LBC’s x20 IC
Freddy Mercs x20 IC
Box Cutters 20 IC


Thanks for health, fellowship, commitment and those seeking jobs.


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