Kicky Drills

When: 12/08/16

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): Crack, Mufasa, SoSoDef, Cookie, Baby Face, Blue Steel, Nacho Libre

7 other motivated Pax kicked the fartsack flu and  joined YHC for a Beautiful 40 degree morning at the Rubicon for the following…


Mosey to the lot behind the pool and…
Monkey Humpers
Imperial Walkers

The Thang

Line up facing the Long curb and do alternating steps down to the end (Mumble chatter begins from certain anti soccer contingent regarding sissy kicky drills)
In cadence 11 count of a plank exercise (Bring heels up to outside of hands and back x2 = 1 count)
Back down the Curb to the other end for 2 merkins with hands on curb.
Rinse and repeat until we got to 11 merkins on the one end and and 1 of before mentioned plank exercise on the other.  (11 times up and back created notably strong midwife noises)

Mosey to base of FOD for some partner Hill running Dora.
100 Mercans
200 Squats
300 LBC’s
During LBC’s, YHC called backwards running up the hill

Mosey to Gritts Pavilion to confirm if Nacho was still champ of Balls to the Wall.  He is indeed.  Back to the flag for some quick Mary (Box cutters, American Hammer, Yolo’s)

-Blue Steel gave Nacho a good run at Balls to the Wall but came up a little short
-Per Crack (Our chief correspondent regarding all things F3 Nation), a big announcement to come out later today – stay tuned!
-Prayers for SoSoDef’s friend David who is battling cancer
-Proud to be associated with this dedicated group
-Come get stronger and experience special Q by Mufasa at the Widow Maker this Saturday!

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