Backblast Basics

When: 03/01/16

QIC: Crack, the President

PAX (): Mufasa, GRITS, DefCon2, Flo, Cookie, Law Dog, Hot Sauce, Lightbulb, Nacho Libre, Foghorn, Crack

As the F3 Alpha region grows with a momentum rarely seen before, let’s ensure everyone knows how to write a backblast.  We hope to see some VQs as the weather warms and with every Q comes the mandatory backblast.  (Mandatory according to F3 principals, not YHC!)  There are only 2 rules.

  1. do it
  2. record the date

That’s it!  So here is today’s simplified version:

There were some dudes.  We ran around.  One dude was running faster than the slow dudes.  We did some push-ups or merkins or something and some other things too.  It was dark outside.  I’m too tired to remember anything else.

And viola! You’re done.


Kotters to Lightbulb and Hot Sauce although Hot Sauce still finds 2nd F action like he is the Q.  Impressive not only that Lightbulb found us in one of the most obscure places of the Rubicon, but that he also had the sticktoitiveness to do so.

Find some CSAUP action in your area!

El Presidente, Cracko!

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