F3 Alpha Opening to Post COVID Phase 1

Good riddance April 2020, Hello May! I don’t know about you but the quarantine has been wearing me down. Sooner or later everything will open back up. We are looking at the first phase of opening for F3 Alpha workouts.


We are not professionals. For guidance on proper social distancing guidelines and best practices to keep yourself and your loved ones safe consult the proper medical agencies and authorities.

Post COVID Phase 1:

With the Georgia SIPO expiring on April 30th, Roswell, Alpharetta, Forsythe and other parks reopening in some manner, it is time to reopen F3 Alpha to Post COVID Phase 1 (PCP1). Social Distancing is still in effect so Alpha is reopening regular scheduled workouts with the following stipulations:


  1. Your local park rules and guidelines supersede everything below.
  2. All F3 Alpha gatherings have to abide by social distancing guidelines: 6-9 Protocol (6 feet separation and groups less than 10) If 10 or more show up the group has to split.
  3. No sharing of coupons or other workout equipment including playgrounds, pull up bars, etc.
  4. Extra distance for in-trail (single file) running. If you are running into the breath of the guy in front of you move to the side or increase in-trail distance.
  5. Be aware that everyone is hyper aware of groups in parks so even if you are following 6-9 Protocol the soccer mom in the parking lot with a cell phone may still take pictures of you and report you if she thinks you are too close. So add extra distance when possible.
  6. Every F3 guy may not be ready to return yet for various reasons. We are used to EHing guys to get them out of their comfort zone. This is not the time for that. Be sensitive to guys who are not yet ready to return to a group setting. It OK! We are here and will be ready when they are.
  7. Virtual F3 workouts are still available. See the #WWW channel on Alpha Slack for communications.
  8. Respect the operating rules of the property you are on. If the park/school you use is still closed, respect that and meet somewhere else.
  9. COT will observe 6-9 Protocol. 6 feet separation, no touching.

The world is different now than it was in early February. Workout will be a little different. But now is not the time to sit by and deaccelerate! There are plenty of opportunities to accelerate your fitness even if you are not ready to meet in a group. Check out the Virtual Workout option.

However, as Dark Helmet said in his latest address to F3 Nation: We Own The Gloom! We you are ready to join in a F3 workout, your brothers are there waiting for you. Check in on Slack, find out what the modified options may be and make it happen!

Slack Communication Tool

If you have not yet joined out Slack private workspace, what are you waiting for? Slack is a free app for your phone or you can get to it from a web browser. We have a “channel” for each AO where schedules are communicated and lighthearted banter exchanged. You need the invite link which you can find below in this email’s footer.

How are you using the time to accelerate? Will you sit on the sideline and decline or take this opportunity to become better?


F3 Alpha Nantan

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