6 Years Later

Some people remember when they first found F3. I am not one of those people. I knew I was there for the launch of Charleston, SC, and I don’t remember much else about it except it sucked. And these dudes were smoking me. But I wanted to keep up, and I wanted to eventually be fit enough to smoke others. So I searched my old gmail address and found the welcome email. 2/8/14. 6 years ago tomorrow. I’ll be on a plane tomorrow morning so I had to grab the Q today. Here is what we did.

Warmup of SSH, Imperial Walker, weedpicker, copperhead squat, and mountain climbers.

The Thang: Partner up for Dora. Each group needing one ruck.

One parter runs a lap around the parking garage. Shorter loops as necessary.

100 weighted merkins (switch to burpees when hitting failure)

200 weighted copperhead squats

300 flutter kicks with ruck over head

When finished, one partner holds ruck over head while other partner does 5 burpees. Switch and repeat until the 6 is in.

Move down to one end of the garage. Keep your partner. One partner does a squat thruster and takes 2 lunge steps all with ruck. Other partner does 5 burpee broad jumps but with a Peter Parker, not a merkin. After 5 squat thruster/broad jumps, partners switch. Repeat to other side of garage.

Mosey recovery lap. Partner up again. Partner 1 does weighted merkins to failure. Drop ruck and do regular merkins to failure. Drop to knees and do merkins to failure. Partner 2 offers encouraging words. Then switch.

Mosey back. Still time for weighted step ups/derkins and weighted step ups/dips combo. Then Mary with no stops until time was called.

COT and BOM. Prayers for those fighting cancer, recovering from injury/sickness, traveling mercies, and time with the 2.0s.

Deep Thoughts with Boomer:

Incredibly grateful for F3 and the men who have pushed me in so many ways over the past 6 years. Thankful for Chaser who probably doesn’t realize I posted because I knew he was involved. Thankful for FEMA, LFD, and Dirty Bird at the Hills of Park West. And to the original ALPHAs, Hooch pax, and more, thank you.

As I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learned in F3, I keep thinking about how I am both weaker than I really knew and much stronger than I believed. I started with F3 in Charleston and then moved to Alpharetta. There was a 9 month break without F3. I tried to keep running, but the sad clown came back. I couldn’t do it alone. I am just too weak of a man to continue accelerating by myself. But with the F3 men, I am much stronger than I believed. Of course I am physically stronger. I would never have signed up for a Grow Ruck or completed the 26 mile Star Course alone. But there is a deeper strength. I would never have quit a secure but soul-crushing job to start my own law practice without these men. These men who are now my accountability partners, discipleship group, business partners, and best friends. Beyond blessed to be a part of it, and I can’t wait to see what God does in the future. SYITG brothers.

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