Chase the Bunny

I’ll be honest, not sure what happened before I arrived.  Alarm went off and I slept for 30 more minutes.  I basically just arrived right…

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5 more Burpees

PAX seemed to really enjoy the “5 Burpees” format a few weeks back, so YHC decided rinse/repeat for a full 45 minutes.  Seemed appropriate for…

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It’s summertime at Windjammer where a record-setting 17PAX of @FalseStart @Cookie @Townie @Blistex @WaywardSon @Guapo @Stiffarm @RollTide @CartPath @Hanson @Barb @Stu @Dacked @NachoLibre @No-See-Um 1FNG…

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4 20s of Pain

The Pain began when we started things out with a shattered Cinder that was replaced by a 65(ish) pound rock

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