4 years of F3 – 60 pounds down and way farther/better on the journey of life

AO: Starting Line

When: 2024-07-06

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (3): Beanz, Script Kiddie, Seaman


I arrived right at 6 then seaman showed up soon after and we completed a good preruck


  • So yeah, about that... we rucked, no warm up required

The Thang:

Orginally I had a few fun filled things planned for my 4th anniversary as part of F3, but with numbers low and Seaman on IR, but still determined to complete the BD, we pivoted to a Ruck BD, but have no fear it was more then just a ruck, here is a rundown of the exercises we did, probably not in exact order but here we go
  • 20 Pickle pounders on the pickleball court, why have we not done those before?
  • 20 copperhead squats
  • 20 monkey humper in front of the assisted living facility
  • 10 each (Diamond, wide, then regular merkins)
  • 20 reverse LBCs then bench press the ruck
  • 10 man makers, with rucks, then on to the high school
  • 20 reverse calf raises, called by Seaman
  • 10 one legged plank squats, or I think that is what they were called
  • Back to the stairs and time to climb Mt Everest - Down to the bottom of the steps then as you go up the steps, you do 5 calf raises on each step, then lunge across each landing.
At this point it was 8:00+ so we headed back to the pavilion to hit the COT


Prayers for PAX, healing and safe travels Seaman shared a bit about how the founding fathers gave up so much and accomplished amazing thins since they were willing to put others first, basically the concept of living 3rd, God, then others then yourself, and with priorities set correctly we can do amazing things. We circled up, I  prayed us out and then had to head out to get some coffee for my M. and with that it was time to go. Thanks to Beanz and Seaman for helping me celebrate 4 years as part of F3, I cannot express how much F3 has been and continues to be a blessing in my life, not just in the fitness, the the fellowship and call to live 3rd and do so much more then we think.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Officially 4 years as part of F3, and a lot has changed, my fitness level is way better than it was, when I was the 270ish sad clown that could barely do 10 merkins to where I am, even though this has been far from a banner year, I would not change a minute in the gloom and plan to keep going for at least another 4 + years.

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