Real Men, Real Fun

AO: Rubicon

When: 07/04/2024

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (13): Cookie, Dosido, FannyPack, Groundhog, HotSauce, Lil Hurt, Manscape, MillerTime, Roman, Sprocket, Tank, Zohan


Merica’s Independence Day – “Real Men come to the Rubicon on this day” and real men we had indeed. Red, White and Blue day at the Rube…although the majority of the men got dressed in the dark so the Q retained the trophy.


Later start at 6:30 am so YHC threw out a 6:00 pre-BD BD and 4 men took that challenge. 13 total in all would post for the main event and a joyful bunch it was.



***In case anyone wants to know what bad-assery was had in the pre-BD, well here ya go.


Partner Up (and split the 50 reps):

50 Dead Lifts/13 Burpees


50 Curls/13 Burpees


50 Squats/13 Burpees


50 OH Press/13 Burpees


50 Bent Over Rows/13 Burpees



The usual type stuff at three different stopping points, however with very meaningful cadence counts.

Stop #1


7-Mtn. Climbers




Stop #2






Stop #3


7-Sun Gods forward

7-Sun Gods backward



The Thang:

On the Field of Dreams.


Hotdogs & Hamburgers (what’s more of an American tradition?):

*With some help from Lumbergh this idea was given and supposedly something FannyPack has done before maybe with other variations.

13 – LBCs (IC) then roll like a dog on a grill…

13 – Supermans …roll…

13 – Flutters

13 – Shoulder Taps

*Next were the burgers, which of course have be flipped.

13-Big Boys

13-Stone Mountains




* A few rounds of 13 StarJacks were thrown b/c YHC could tell how excited everyone was for the fireworks show later tonight.


*Now on to the Real Fun! Random partners were chosen before the BD started so there’d be no stacked teams….or would there be??


First Event – Pass/Catch contest. Partners would choose one pax to be the QB and other to be the WR. Lots of good throws/catches….ahem, I mean laughs!

Winners: Lil Hurt/Tank (runner-up team was Sprocket/Miller Time)


Second Event – Kickball HR Derby. Each pax would get two kicks.

Winners: YHC believes this was a tie between Cookie’s team (mainly just Cookie-ha) and the team of three-YHC, Dosido and Roman. Let’s give the “W” to Cookie says he had probably 4 HR’s on the morning including the game that was played!


With about 15 minutes left in the morning, teams were divided and a quick two inning game was played. It came down to the final out and game ended with a 7-6 score…FUN was had by all, I think.



Prayers for our country and for everyone’s safety on the 4th of July weekend.


Zohan on the 6th Man during COT!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Fun morning indeed and glad for all that could make it. Some celebratory beverages were had by all during parking lot coffeteria & TNT…along with some watermelon/doughnuts.


Great morning and there’s no other place I’d rather have been….except maybe at the lake already 🙂

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