F4: Fitness, Fellowship, Faith & Fishing

AO: Windjammer

When: 2024-06-21

QIC: Cookie

PAX (13): Caroline, Cookie, Deep dish, Ethan Freefall, False Start, Funyun, IKEA, Nair, Ryan Griffin, Sparkie, Stu, uga, Walkie Talkie


YHC awoke like any other day where he had the Q, a little early and all jazzed up and ready to go. The coffee pot timer would not agree with me, so I had to text False Start that I would be late and asked him to warmup the group at the dam. Fast forward a few minutes later and YHC was driving across the dam at 6:02am and no PAX were in site. I pulled into the parking lot and nothing but ghosts. I ran out to the dam. Nothing. Ran back to the parking lot and looked around the tennis facility. Still nothing. So I ran toward Webb Br Rd and surely enough found the sneaky bastards doing some sort of light pole warmups out of site just to mess with the Q.


I missed it, so not really sure :(

The Thang:

Head to the coupon pile in the parking lot and partner up. Head back to the road and we would be using the same light poles for the next routine.
  • Partner A would run to the next light post, turnaround and start bear crawling back to his partner
  • Partner B would stay in place with the coupon and do a mixture of coupon lifts (15 curls or 15 press or 15 rows). Once complete he would rifle carry to meet his bear crawling partner
  • Switch and the runner would go to the next light post, not the one his buddy just came from
  • We did this all the way to Webb Br Rd
  • On the way back, switch bear crawls to lunge walk and switch coupon lifts to merkins
Time running out, we headed to the dam to catch the last few minutes of a beautiful summer sunrise. We did a series of ab exercises followed by an air chair moment of silence to reflect on the beauty of nature and the blessings we have. Head back to the flag for 1 minute of Mary led by Stu, aka 1 minute of fire hydrants.


Great to see Freefall come back after being an FNG on Wednesday. We also had a Kotter, Ryan Griffin aka Slapstick. He was recruited at last night's swim meet. COT included prayers for our buddy Maytag as well as a few other mentions. NLB workout tomorrow morning with the Rubicon guys hosting. YHC will be there and I encourage others to join. 6:30A beatdown, 7:15 breakfast. Coffeeteria followed with Deep Dish being the 6th man so he shared a few things that is going on in his life as well as what F3 means to him. Finally, Friday Fishing ensued. We had been shutout for 3 straight weeks but we got revenge this morning with a nice 2lb bass caught trolling on a shallow diver lure. At the Windjammer we have F4: Fitness, Fellowship, Faith & Fishing.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Where was Milli Vanilli?!!  He was supposed to join us for fishing even though he couldn't workout due to doctor's orders.

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