Form > Speed

AO: Gladiator

When: 2024-05-28

QIC: Mater

PAX (14): Bo Knows, Butterknife, Chanel, Cheneral, defcon2, DREAMER, Dutch Oven, Macbeth, Manscape, Spandex, Speedo, Yokel, Brownie


Luckily Macbeth reminded me that I had the Q for today!  Told PAX to bring their coupons but it seems some did not see the message.


Short mosey around the parking lot SSH, Weedpicker, Windmill, Tempo Merkin, and World's Greatest Stretch done by the flag.  Then carry coupon to the field.

The Thang:

Today's theme was form over speed.  Perform exercise with the best form possible for 3 rounds, count being 15, 10, and 5 with a hold exercise until the sixth was done, then a half lap mosey around the field in between. Exercises included the following: Hand Release Merkins/High plank, Jump Squats/Air chair, Curls/Rifle hold, Big Boys/Low plank, Hand Release Burpees/Players choice. Then did 11's with LBC's at the end line and 4 count SSH at the top of the box.  I heard my definition of 4 count was incorrect...oh well.


Brewruck this weekend.  Contact Feathers to be added to that channel if you are interested. Q slots open for July, please sign up. Cheneral will be preaching this weekend.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Fun group with fun guys.  Thanks for being part of my life and glad I could make you sweat...although that's probably because of GA summer weather, not me.

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