You can’t get through a metal detector with ABS of STEEL!

AO: Grindstone

When: 2024-05-03

QIC: Swiper

PAX (9): DirtyMO, Harding, jugdish, Omaha, Snoopy, Snowman, Swiper, Reliant


Only a few days off of SMR, the PAX are steadily working their way back to top form - let's keep pushing boys!


Mosey to the top parking lot for warm up's all IC: Windmills Hillbillies Good Mornings SSH  

The Thang:

Head to the football field for some BOMBS: Partner up for the following: partner A runs to the 50 yard line and NUR's back while partner B works on; 50 Burpees 100 Overhead Press with Coupon 150 mercans 200 Big Boi sit ups 250 squats Great effort by the PAX on this one! Next, move to the middle of the field for the Captain Thor: 1 Big Boi/ 4 American Hammers 2 Big Boi's/ 8 American Hammers you get the picture...all the way up to 10:40 back to the flag for Mary


  • Welcome FNG Reliant!  A local with Deep Roots and a heart for forward momentum!  We're glad you found us!
  • Prayers for Snowman's family due to the passing of his mother-in-law.  Strength and comfort to the family in this difficult time
  • Prayers to my son Michael (F3 Hollywood) for an upcoming medical procedure on 5/14.  Prayers for good news and the ability to eliminate this fear and charge forward towards his future!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great experience at the F3 Alpha Convergence this morning!  84 PAX in attendance at Nirvana and a solid job by the host PAX in every way.  If you've not experienced one of these, I highly encourage you to plan for one in the future.  Congrats to the new Nantan of F3 Alpha, False Start!

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