Keep calm and kegel on

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/09/2022

QIC: Rooney- timlonergan

PAX (11): Rooney- timlonergan, Aflac, sellout, tubbs, sic em, raider, donor, corky, Bieber, moonshine, Rooney


Heard there was an open spot on the Q sheet, so I signed up!  Little did I know my birthday was just a couple days later.  We called this the birthday Q as a result.  Some may have preferred we celebrated ocho’s birthday today (which is indeed today— HBD brother!)… but we celebrated my 38 blessed years via a mini murph 38 reps each.  We finished quick, then it was on to therapy!


High knees

high heels

side shuffle is a lot easier on flat ground.

phelps, arm circles, rot cuff activation

The Thang:

Side planks leg lifts reps and then holds

front planks with leg lifts reps then holds

Bonnie Blair’s

Apollo Anton onos

suspended clams

sideway up hill mostly with some backwards

heavy rock was found, curls, rdls, rows and then a fast run to the flag was performed followed by American hammers


Beautiful weather

beautiful company

a kegel may have been recommended along the way

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We don’t have to be perfect.  Rest in that.  Physically, mentally, spiritually- Just try to be better every day and that is enough.  God has our back.

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