Grindstone Peaceful Transition of Power

AO: Grindstone

When: 07/11/2022

QIC: Stu

PAX (13): Baskins, Benny, Crab Cake, Deuce (Jay Mooney), Inseam, jugdish, Napalm, Snowman, Spit Valve, Swiper, Valley Girl, Corn Dog


Had the pleasure to return the favor of being the Mystery Q to Snowman who did the same at the Norseman two months ago.  Also an honor  as we recognize Snowman and Spit Valve for the Grindstone Site Q transition.


Indian run with some extra credit opportunities,  Motivators, Weedpickers with demos of Gronks and Mary Katherines for later in the workout.  Burpee Broadjump conga line

The Thang:

Pyramids of Merkins,  Gronks, Mary Katherines, and Mountain Climbers with sprint/run between exercises.


Prayers for Benny’s Dad’s health and all in need.


Don’t forget upcoming blood drive and dearth visor event.  Honor to lead!!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Praises for Snowman for his 14 months of leadership and hair growth.  Praises for Spit Valve for his willingness to lead going forward.

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