Getting out of hand

AO: Widowmaker

When: 12/18/2021

QIC: Zohan

PAX (15): Angus, Animal, BallBoy, Cart Path, Cox, Ha-ha, Morphine, NRA, Saint2O, Speedo, TMI, Zohan, Skipee, Wheels, Guinness


Woke up this morning and realized that my half formulated plan ain’t going to work. Decided to improvise along the way, assuming that being oxygen-deprived is the right state of mind if one wants to make stupid ass decisions. I think it worked quite well.


Mosey around the parking lot and into the corner of the soccer field. Start the watch.

Circle up for 12 IC Weed Pickers, spring to the half line and back.

Circle up for 12 IC Imperial Walkers, spring to the other end line and back.

Circle up for 12 IC Arm Circles forwards and 12 more backwards, spring to the opposite corner and back.

Circle up for 12 IC Copper Head Squats, spring to the half line on the other side of the field and back. Try not to get Cox in your face so early in the morning.

Circle up for 24 IC SSH, spring to the last corner (short end of the field) and back.

The Thang:

Introducing the Widowmaker

Mosey to the top of the Widowmaker. Not part of the original plan, but we had a down range visitor from Charlotte and we also had Angus, who came once to the Widowmaker AO but didn’t get to experience the glory of namesake hill.

10 Burpees at the top, 10 at the bottom, 10 at the top, 10 at the bottom and 10 more at the top. Pay the toll of 10 BBSU at the manhole, facing the direction of the run. Always fun to do sit ups uphill since you get to slide backwards.

The gazelles started some core exercises but then we all got up to pick up the six.

Discount Shopping

10 count walk toward the parking lot with the coupon pile, then changed to Bernie Sanders (run backwards). At the coupon pile we partnered up and selected one heavy coupon for both partners. One partner does Lt. Dan (4:1 ratio all the way) while holding the coupon while the other partner runs the loop and switches. Continue till the coupon makes it back to the starting point.

1 Partner Cusacks with the coupon while his partner does 20 LBCs. Switch. Repeat for the total of 5 times.

Wall of PainĀ 

Mosey to the concession stand between the baseball fields. YHC called out 4 exercises to be done OYO – 10 Dwight Howard (jump and touch the wall as high as you can), 10 Donkey Kicks, 10 Chicken Peckers (shoulder taps with feet on the wall) alpha count and 10 Aussie Mountain Climbers (like the regular but with feet against the wall) alpha count. Repeat 5 sets.

This sucked. YHC really wanted to do more (no, not really) and audibled to stop after 3 sets. The original plan was to use TABATA and do each of these for 50 seconds. I’m pretty sure this would have ended badly, for me at least.

We assumed People Chair position against the wall for Air Presses. Did 10 IC of these, YHC called to lower our butts further down and we did 10 more IC.

Recover and mosey back to the flag. The PAX seemed relived to leave the wall far behind them. Speedo shared that he was encouraging his shoulders to stay with him, as they were getting out of hand (and YHC shamelessly used that to name the beatdown).

Short Mary

Circle up at the flag. 10 IC Merkins, 10 IC Flatter Kicks, 10 IC Merkins and 10 more IC Flatter Kicks. Time!


Funyon’s dad was injured and rushed to the hospital for surgery. Prayers of healing.

Safe travels.

Widowmaker will be open next week.

Tomorrow (Sunday, 12/19) at the Gladiator you can do the Murph with Speedo and Stroller before you leave for a vacation, or even if you don’t.

Friday the 24th Boneyard will be closed and will converge with the Hooch (and the Bridge) for the annual eggnog following the beatdown. I think start time is late than usual but not sure. Follow Slack.

YHC will be launching Virtual Q Source Ruck coming January.

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