Cinder Bender

AO: Widowmaker

When: 09/25/2021


PAX (15): 1st rule, Birdie, Cox, Feathers, Funyun, Ha-ha, Ironhead, Motorboat, NRA, OverDraft, Speedo, Stroller, YouTube, Zohan


– “Good morning class, I’ll be your Q this morning. As a reminder, I am not a professional therefore and you are most likely here on your own free will. I will make some suggestions and you will freely comply. As this is not a judged issued sentence, you can’t sue me / you can’t sue the park. Are there any questions? Great – Let’s Mosey.


  • Mosey to the field
  • Mosey half lap normal,  shuffle outside, shuffle inside, bernie sanders across the mid, Mosey again. (finish on baseline)
  • On the baseline: high knees to the 18, butt kickers to the circle, spring to the far baseline and back to the circle, bernie sanders back to the baseline
  • Get a Partner. 1 Partner John Cusacks, the other = bear crawl to the top of the 18, 25 Bonnie Blairs, Bear Craw to the Circle. At the circle, 50 Mtn Climbers (Alpha Count) then sprint to the far end and back to the circle, 50 Mtn Climbers, bear crawl to the 18, 25 bonnie blairs, bear craw to the baseline. Flapjack.
  • 10 merkins, 20 squats, 30 SSH for the 6

The Thang:

  • -Mosey to the Widowmaker, 1 partner carrries a cinder, the other walking lunge / regular walk. Be ready to swap if a flapjack is needed. Start at the bottom.
  • Get a partner. 1 Partner farmer carry (left hand up, right hand down), the other = 10 3 count Merkins, 10 Squat, Bernie Sanders to the end of the railing, mosey to the bottom. SSH
  • Flapjack
  • 20 Wide merkins, 20 squat, Bernie Sanders to the end of the railing, mosey to the bottom. SSH
  • :Flapjack
  • Everyone to the top of the hill. DROP OFF CINDERS
  • Bear Crawl Bros! Grab a partner. 1 partner is going to bear crawl up the hill, the other does walking lunges. When the bear crawling  partner needs to rest, flapjack. When the bear crawler reaches the top, BOTH partners join another partner group and get that 6 to the top of the hill.   Continue until everyone is at the top


  • Back to the Flag
  • Get a partner. 1 partner sprints the length of the field, the other does Blockies. Flapjack.
  • 1 partner sprints the length the field, other partner does curl to press with the Cinder. Flapjack.
  • Everyone one the baseline.
  • Q called Stroller to give the PAX 10 burpees.


  • PAX was thankful IPC ends this week!
  • Ha-Ha reminded us that Convergence is 10/23, location TBD
  • NEW AO!! Boneyard, Newtown Parker in Roswell GA, Monday & Friday (0530).
    • Talk to Feathers or check slack for more info if needed.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Way to go gents! What a beautiful week and exhausting morning!

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