Old Familiars

AO: The Rubicon

When: 06/23/2020


PAX (14): Focker, Devito, Mayhem, Pitstop, Waffles, Cookie, Lefty, Pinkey, Lil' Hurt, Lumberg, Heidi, Isner, White Claw, M.T.


Several old familiars this morning.  First, The return of Devito and Mayhem (last seen in March at Rubicon).  A big pre run group and followed thru on the commitment to run flat as Lefty came in hot at 5:30.  A fast pace this morning left men soaked before the main event.

With some relatively new guys still, it was time to introduce them to the Children of the Corn.  An extended warmup to honor the circle of children with a 5 exercise plank position at the end.  A mosey over to the community center wall to introduce the Donkey Dan to the newer guys.  YHC got a little smarter this morning realizing everyone quits by Mercan to Donkey Kick ratio 7:21 if breaks aren’t taken.  Two breaks were provided at 6:18 and 8:24 so we collectively completed the task up to 10:30.  Feeling accomplished, we moseyed around the track taking a quick break at the new pavilion for some Romanian dead lifts.

On to the pool parking lot for some make shift suicides.  1:5 ratio burpee to tempo squat up to 5:25 with three island suicide between each set.  Fun final sprint between White Claw and Mayhem (the thirty somethings) to finish first.  A final mosey to the flag where Q called burpees for Devito as he complained he didn’t get enough.  A 1 minute low plank finished us off.


Prayers for Devito’s M dealing with some nerve pain

Praise for the men of Hillseeker in hitting the goal and pushing new limits

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great energy having the crew back!  Keep posting!

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