AO: Atlas

When: 06/16/2020

QIC: @IBeamF3

PAX (5): Rusty, Brutus, Bear, Goat


Circle up for some SSH, Weedpickers, Windmills, KB Swings, KB Curls, & KB Halos

The Thang:

I have come to appreciate bear crawls while moving weight, so…

Line up on the first parking space line.
25 count KB exercise
Bear crawl two spaces while moving your KB
25 count KB exercise
Rinse & Repeat until the other side of the parking lot is reached.

Too many good exercises were called to list here. The normal count was 25, some audibles were called in a decrease of numbers, some decided 45 was a good count…

YHC needed to stretch the back after a little over a week off resting due to more than likely an injury from sitting and hunching over…. really?..
So some made the run back to the other side of the parking lot and back to the KBs for more bear crawls.

This time the intent was to bear crawl while moving your KB all the way back to the starting position.  One stop for an exercise and the pax continued on.  YHC recovered from a tight back and joined back in on the fun.

Couple more exercises at the end and time was called.

45 minutes of constantly moving weight is always a game changer. Love the mix up from the normal heavy running Wreck beatdowns.

Now to figure out how to get my stones and cinders back from the other side of the locked gates…

Naked-Man Moleskin:

So the gates have started to be locked every time for the Atlas beatdowns. YHC is working on finding a solution to the current issue.  Is it bribery of the maintenance man that shows up every time around 5:45?.. Or is it a relocation of the coupons to a new location?..
YHC is working on a new location.  I don’t think Vasily can be bribed…

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