Modified Murph

In preparation for Memorial Day’s Murph Challenge (hopefully with the Alpha guys at Roswell again this year, if allowed!), YHC decided to put Shadow to the test. A brief background on Michael Murphy and explanation was divulged to the 14 pax, and we were off. A big thanks to Manhole- for helping us to split up, due to the limited spacing at the Vanderlyn monkey bars. He took one group to the front of DHS to use the sidewalk railings as pull-up bars.

The PAX: Manhole, GreenBean, Suds, CIA, Fireballs, Potter, SaltLick, ChainGang, Dunder Mifflin, Billboard, Seles, Guard Dog, (Big Apple, Ricochet?- Cobains- I can’t recall)

The Thang:

Run .72 miles up to Vanderlyn (or around DHS with Manhole), 100 Pull-ups, 200 Merkins, 300 Squats- recommened to split up to 5-10-15 each, x 20 rounds. Return along same route back to COT. Shout out to those who finished with time to spare- running the extra .56 miles to complete the full Murph- including ChainGang and Fireballs.

Circle up with other group for COT. Thanks to Seles for taking us out.

Salt Lick has the Q Saturday. Check out Lone Survivor if you have the chance!



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