Dora’s Musical Halloween

AO: The Rubicon

When: 10/31/2019

QIC: TopHat

PAX (10): Trebek, FannyPack, MillerTime, Lumbergh, Krueger, Pinkey, Stiffler, Waffles, PitStop


YHC arrived early and stood in the mist, looking at the sky. Looking at the wx map. Looking at the sky. Looking at the wx map. Looking at the sky. This continued as the mist turned to sprinkling rain. Given the forecast, a decision was made…

The Thang:

… discretion being the better part of valor, PAX were directed to mosey to the Lion’s pavilion, weights* in hand, where they were greeted by the dulcet sounds of MJ’s “Thriller.”

* PAX had been requested to bring dumbbells/handweights if they could; several did – thank you, guys

After a warmup consisting of the usual (SSH, WeedPickers, Imperial Walkers), PAX paired off and began to get their groove on. Of each pair, one worked on the dance while the other boogied a 212m circuit. The dance card:

  • Monster Mash – Goblet Squats
  • Ghostbusters – Merkins
  • The Time Warp – Big Boy Situps
  • Rock Lobster – Lunges
  • Purple Eater – Hammer Curls
  • Twilight Zone – Renegade Rows (merkin into plank row)
  • Stayin’ Alive – Bonnie Blairs
  • Bad Moon Rising – V-Ups
  • Super Freak – Kettlebell Swing
  • Soul Man – Goblet Reverse Lunges
  • Hot Hot Hot – Skull Crushers
  • Spooky – Side Lateral Raises

Mumblechatter included trivia about the songs and much debate about what “makes” a Halloween song.


Prayers were said for Pellets as he heads out for a monster run this weekend, PitStop’s friend Steve as he transports his mother cross-country to long-term care, and a safe evening for all the kiddies.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

In the end it turned out that the pavilion wasn’t necessary, the rain held off. While we missed out on a bit of the outdoors feeling, for me the tradeoff was worthwhile – it feels like the somewhat-enclosed space lent to more chatter than we normally have.

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