Better Together

AO: The Gladiator

When: 10/24/2019

QIC: Moonshine

PAX (17): Mufasa, Kegger, Spandex, Viking, Tebow, Renegade, Puddle Jumper, Shrinkage, Postal, Delicious, Brownie, Stud Finder, Black Box, Scratch Off, Speedo, Laces


A chilly 45 degrees at the Gladiator this morning made 17 PAX (2 for Pre-run) thankful that Fall is finally here.  What a glorious morning for a beatdown!

The inspiration for today’s beatdown came from the 1st Principle of F3:  Workouts are available to all men.  YHC has always tried to include 3 (all equally important) concepts in every beatdown to honor this principle…

  1.  Make the beatdown challenging enough to give the gazelles a good workout.  This can be particularly difficult when leading from the 6.  🙂
  2. Make sure to look out for the 6.  No PAX should feel like he is being left behind.  But all PAX should feel like they are being pushed to be better. YHC always tries to include a plan to gather the 6 (which is generally where YHC hangs out anyway).
  3. As much as possible, keep everyone together.  This is a group workout. We are stronger together.  YHC is thankful for every PAX that showed up today.  Every single one of you HIMs got better and made it better for YHC and all your fellow PAX.


Pre-warmups:  High knees, Butt kickers, Shuffle left/right, Karaoke left/right, Arm circle mosey

Post-warmups (cool downs?):  Side Straddle Hops, Weed Pickers

The Thang:

Courtesy of Devito, YHC introduced the PAX to Burpee Broad Jumps up the Big-a$$ed hill.  One broad jump – one burpee, two jumps – two burpees, etc until someone reaches the top of the hill.  Then the first PAX to reach the top was to bear crawl back down and pick up the lingering PAX on the way.  What YHC did not expect is that EVERYONE was absolutely crushing it and all were pretty much at the top of the hill together.

Plenty of time remaining so a quick mosey brought the PAX back to the soccer field.  A recovery 10-count was followed by a reverse Indian run (last PAX in line sprints the opposite direction until back in front of the line).  Again, everyone crushed it and there was plenty of time for all to get a turn.

After a short mosey to the center of the soccer field YHC felt the PAX needed to work on their burpee form.  What better way to work on burpee form than a nice round of Burp-n-Merc?  Burpee with 1 merkin, burpee with 2 murkins, etc all the way up to a 10 murkin burpee.  Then, in true F3 style, another 10 murkin burpee, 9 murkin burpee, etc all the way back down to 1.  Plank exercises were utilized to wait for the 6.  Truly remarkable job by all PAX on this one.  It was not easy.

Still a little time left so YHC led the PAX to the goal line for a Lieutenant Dan voyage across the soccer field.  Continuous squats to wait for the 6 to come in.

Short mosey up the hill to finish off with warm-ups (see cool down above) and Mary including American Hammers, Boat/canoes, J-los, Flutter kicks, Mountain climbers.



Continued prayers for Ashley.  Tebow posted a Meal Train on slack so please check it out.

Wisdom from Mufasa (the Highest Impact of HIMs out there) on the honor and responsibility of being Q and posting the back blast.  It reminded YHC of the F3Alpha OGs who would always say “If you don’t Back-Blast it, it didn’t happen.”

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks to whoever signed up YHC to Q today (even if it was YHC and he just forgot).  Always an honor to lead a very special group of HIMs.

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