Who scared all the Cherokee dudes away????

AO: Cowbell

When: 05/15/2019

QIC: Callahan

PAX (3): Ha-Ha, Stu, Callahan


Light crowd at the Bell this morning, but it didn’t stop the Cowbell faithful…


Mosey around the path to the pavilion for SSH, Imperial Walkers. Mosey to the baseball field.

The Thang:

We got to one field, and it was a mere swamp, so we exited and found another.  Starting at home plate, we did broad jumps to first, lunge walked to second, then broad jumps to third and lunge walks home.  Legs were feeling good already!  We left the field and went over to our coupon stash.  Medium sized coupons were called for and we headed to the football field.  With coupons we started at the goal line we did 10 curls, moved to the 10 yard line and did 10 skull crushers, 20 yard line was overhead presses, 30 yard line was right arm presses, 40 yard line was left arm presses, 50 yard line was squats.  Repeato.

At the goal line we lunge walked with our coupons to the 20, then did 20 bent over rows and 20 more squats.  We then moseyed to the side of the field next to the fence where YHC called for a soft return of said coupons to their natural habitat over the fence.  Soft is a relative term.

We headed from the field to the playground/dugout where 11s were in store.  Starting on the far side of the dugout wall, we did one donkey kick and then went to the monkey bars for 10 knee ups.  Count down/up until all 11s are complete.  Those knee ups were mean…

We then decided to run the full lap around the park…paved area and trail as well.  Finished up just in time for Mary.

LBCs, 6 inches, Flutters, Freddie Mercury


Come see us at Cowbell!!

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