Animal Farm

When: 07/26/2017

QIC: Cricket

PAX (): Aquaman, Babyface, Banjo, Bloodhound, Cricket, Dori, Homeboy, Lawdawg, Manning, Misty, The Mole, The Mule, Natty light, Shakira, Westside

15 PAX showed up for a nice Georgia morning beatdown.  The men of the the Kodiak have shown that they move quickly through the beatdowns, so the Q must always come prepared with plenty of option.  One approach is to have several backup options to the main workout, the other is just to make the regular workout insanely punishing.  YHC went for option 2.


We took a quick jog around the parking lot, circled up for 10 IC Cotton Pickers and some Arm Circles to loosen the shoulders.  Then we moseyed with some high heels and high knees to where the fun would begin.

The Thang


The PAX lined up in the grass by the tennis courts facing the parking lot.  Partner A would run a suicide to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd parking lot aisles while Partner B worked through the following: 100 Makhtar N’Diayes, 200 LBCs, and 300 Monkey Humpers.  The Makhtar N’Diayes definitely slowed things down vs. the typical Merkin, but it was the 300 Monkey Humpers that really did things in.

There was much leg pain, so to give the PAX a chance to find their legs, we did 10 Flutter Kicks IC and 10 Box Cutters IC.

Duck Duck Bear

We then moseyed to the back of the school to the bus parking spaces (think oversized parking spaces) which are conveniently numbered.  We duck walked out space 10 for 10 Imperial Squawkers and then bear crawled back to the beginning for 10 Mike Tyson’s, and continued to space 9, 8, etc… with descending reps for each exercise.

The 300 Monkey Humpers during Doracide generated much mumble chatter, but the duck walks and bear crawls proved challenging enough to quiet things down.  The final 6 came in just in time to get back to the flag for the COT.


– Dori’s wife is having heart issues

– Bloodhound’s MIL is home from the hospital and beginning a new round of chemo

    – Prayers for Nacho as he continues to recover

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