Who’s Bad?

When: 07/26/2017

QIC: Flo

PAX (): WiFi, El Matador, Sunshine, Boomer, the Dab,

6 Strong #HIMs set out to answer that question at the #theHooch this a.m.  This #beatdown was inspired during Monday’s mumble chatter by PonyBoy discussing his love for the King of Pop.  Below is a recording of how that question was answered:

The Thang:

Warm-Up: Quick lap around the lot and back to the flag for some SSHs, Hillbillies (sober), and Mountain Climber action.  All IC, various counts.

Mosey over to the lighted path for some section runs using the light posts as segments.  Jog one sprint one, jog one sprint two, jog one sprint three, etc.  All the way to the rock pile.  El Matador confirmed it was OYO before we started, then he left us in the dust.  Classic El Matador.

At the rockpile…partner up for some B.A.D. action.  Partner 1 Zamperinis up the hill to the gate while Partner 2 runs through 10 reps of Burpees, Alabama Ass Kickers, and Diamond Merkins.  AMRAP until your partner returns and then roles are switched.  Who’s B.A.D?  2 rounds total, with options for Walking presses or walking curls on round 2 in lieu of the Zamperini’s.  All while listening to Michael Jacksons 1987 pop classic “Bad”, on repeat.  You’re welcome!  Recover.

Mosey back toward the direction of flag and meet up under the portico near Twisted Taco for some more “Bad” fun.

YHC cued up the song again, but this time we would hold an AIR chair and Jump when Mr. Jackson said “BAD”.  Second stanza- static split squat right leg in front, jumping lunges on the “bads”.  Third stanza- static split squat left leg in front, jumping lunges on the “bads”.

YHC cued up the song again, but his time we would hold a low plank to high plank on “bad” then back down to low plank on the next “bad”.  And so on and so on.  We Bad.

Recover.  Mosey to the flag.

5 MOM- with a different exercise called out by each of the participants.  Well done.  Atlanta Tomahawk Chops, Freddie Mercury’s, American Hammers, Reverse LBCs, Drunken Hillbillies, Merkins.


Prayers for Dab’s M and her work situation, prayers for Kirk and the Stephens family, and for the group in general.

Boomer and El Matador stayed for #Coffeeteria.  I’m hoping to jump on that wagon next week.


Welcome Wifi (Atlanta native, but picked up F3 while working in Columbia, SC)!  Hoping to see you at theHooch more often!!

Honored to be associated with you “Bad” mamajamas.


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