The Monster

When: 07/24/2017

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): Grease Monkey, Booter, Mad Dog, Windex, Chelsea, Doogie, Smack Down, Sleeper, Devito, Thumper, Bayside, Gearhead, Turbine, Caffeine, Sprocket, Proquistador (FNG), Crab Legs, Love-Love, Jackalope, Bird Dog, DD, Merlot (FNG), Bear, Trojan Man (FNG)

The Wreck got their numbers back that YHC is used to seeing.  25 Pax made it out this morning for a sweaty mess of fun.  3 FNGs were in attendance and I believe we gave most of them a warm welcome.

Mosey to the gridiron parking lot.  Lots of mumble chatter on the run for a Monday morning.

Quick disclaimer for the 3 FNGs this morning.  YHC suggested modifications during any exercise because we want them to not get hurt and come back. Spirits were high…


  • SSH IC 25
  • Mountain Climbers IC 25
  • Flutter Kicks IC 25
  • Imperial Walkers IC 25
  • Merkins IC 20
  • Low Dolly’s IC 25
  • SSH IC 25

YHC asked how that was for a warmup and I think DoubleD asked if we were done…

Mosey to the Monster for some DORA 1-2-3

The Thang

Partner up – P1 begins exercise as P2 runs the hill and switch until all reps are complete

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 LBCs
  • 300 Squats

Devito and his partner finished first and he took them through some Mary while I swept the six and finished strong with them.

With time to spare we moseyed to the short wall in front of the small stadium for some 11s.

  • Incline Merkins & Derkins

Bear shouted that we hadn’t got the six in yet.  YHC yelled OYO and begin and ran to the six.  It was two of our FNGs feeling the pain from the Monster.  I identified with them a bit from my first F3 experienced and encouraged to finish it out with modification.
Next thing I knew one was leaned over in the woods making funny colors.

It’s great having experienced Qs in attendance, so I asked Devito to lead the Pax back to the shovel flag and finish it off while I swept the six again.

Devito lead a few exercises before the six made it in.  Sent it on to YHC who called it over to Bear to make his return to The Wreck. And that made time.


It was another Monday at The Wreck, so the naming of the FNGs was pretty weak.  Either way, welcome to Steven aka Proquistador, Andy aka Merlot, and Ethan aka Trojan Man.


  • Bear appreciated the prayers during his trip to China to finalize the adoption of his son.
  • Mad Dog asked for prayers for him and his wife who may by now know if it’s a boy or girl.
  • Love-Love asked for prayers for a very unexpected death.

Mole Skin

  • Welcome back Kotter or Bear.  Successful trip bringing Stevie home. Respect for posting after only a couple days back and taking the Q on Wednesday
  • Another comment about adding a Friday beatdown, Bear and I both emphasized that this is a peer led group and we expect guys to step up and lead.  Friday beatdown will come when we have more guys to count on.
  • On that note…  Smackdown will be Qing July 31st and Crab Legs will be Qing August 2nd and AFLAC will be Qing August 7th ALL VQs (Virgin Qs).
  • Friday beatdown to come…

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