Just another fun day with Hombre

When: 07/17/2017

QIC: Hombre

PAX (): FNG - Shakira, FNG - Hasbro, Naty Lite, Cricket, The Mole, West Side, C-4, Home-Boy, Buzz, Misty, Bloodhound, Baby Face

Warm Up:  Mosey around to the front of the parking lot for a 17 count SSH and 17count Cotton Picker.  Mosey back to near the cars for the Appetizer.
The Thang
APPETIZER:  Double Squat Jumps with a 180 degree twist 2x then run to the sidewalk for 2 T-Bone double Merkins (4Merkins x 13 x 10 = 520 Merkins)
Mosey’d to the back circle to no avail as the pull up bars were engulfed in darkeness – so Mosey’d back to the stadium forcing Bloodhound to sprint ahead to open the gates for the pull up bars on the back side.  Stalled at the entrance of the stadium for a quick countdown and 30sec handstand (BsTTW) and then mosey’d to the the pullup bars.
MAIN COURSE: divide up into 3 groups to rotate thru the exercise sequence 10 times.  Group A started with 5 pull ups; Group B started with 10 Merkins at the 20 yardline trackside; Group C started with 10 lunges per side (20 count) at the 50 yardline trackside.  (10 Merkins x 13 x 10 sets = 1,300 Merkins)
Finisher:  Mosey’d back to flag and circled up for 20 Spiderman Merkins and a 30 second Superman Hold.  (20 Spiderman Merkins x 13 = 260 Merkins)
Frogtown Trail Run on October 7th with 3 courses ranging from 4m, 6m and 10m versions.  Sign up by month end and its only $35.  Close to home, great race for the value.  Frogtown Trail Challenge
Jonah Chapter 3 after Beatdown on Wednesday at the Kroger Starbucks @ East Cherokee and Hghwy 20.
Hope all the brothers that didn’t come today are doing well and hanging tough!  You are missed!

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