Slip & Slide

When: 07/12/2017

QIC: Moses

PAX (): Aflac, Thumper, Crab Legs, Bird Dog, I-Beam, Caffeine, Patch, Sprocket, TP (or teepee...didn't get the story on him), PETA, Bayside (war baby), Smackdown, Mad Dog, Bronco, Jackalope, Polaroid, Hat Trick, Windex (FNG-Rodney Anderson), Chelsea, Squeegee (FNG-Jason Shaw), Doogie, FORE!, Double D

23 brave souls gathered in the dark of Roswell park not knowing what to expect from ANOTHER guest Q.

Let me start by thanking I-Beam for planting the SF before going off for his early morning ruck. I knew I was in the right place when I found that and his Big Foot truck with the F3 sticker…what’s the deal with him anyway? We’re in civilized GA, but he acts like he’s from SC.

Thanks to Aflac for being my eyes this morning…my eyes led us to a playground for warmorama, including:

1 burpie, SSH x15, 2 burpies, windmills x10, crucifix merkins x10, 3 burpies, and so on until 5 burpies and 5 warm-up exercises were completed. Thanks to ?? (Green shirt) for giving me a count of the pax, total of 25. Don’t leave your career in the art studio for anything requiring precision! Oh wait, maybe you counted Double D two times?

Mosey down the trail to turf field for slip & slide fun. Split into teams of 2, (because there were only 24 of us).

Partner 1 bear-slide from end zone to the 25 and slide-bear on the way back while Partner 2 does Carolina Dry Docks. Flap Jack

Partner 1 seal drag to the 25 and return while partner does LBCs. Flap Jack. Crowd pleaser.

Partner 1 run at 70% to the 50 yard line and then sprint to the other end zone. Same thing on the way back, while Partner 2 does an exercise. Flap Jack

Partner 1 inch worm to the 25 while Partner 2 does slow lunge walk with him. Flap Jack and return to the end zone.

Mixed in some Mahktar N’djai x10

Followed Aflac back down the trail to pull-up forest with a stop for partner assisted People’s Chair. 7s in the playground with Turkish Get-Ups and Pull-Ups.

Mosey back to the launch pad for knee ups x15 before time ran out. Forgive me if I missed an exercise or 2. This is directionally correct. You may need to look up “truth nugget” in the lexicon to understand the BS infused below.


1) First and foremost, what a great group of guys and a great venue. You’ve been given something special in Roswell, the only right thing to do is ‘give it away’ to other men. Make good use of it. Thanks for trusting me to lead you for 45 mins this morning. Honored and blessed to lock shields with all of you at the end.

2) I got a few skeptical looks when I showed up with plastic plates. Maybe next time I’ll bring some ‘eats’ to put on those plates.

3) Thanks to Crab Legs for letting me be his wingman. Next time we’ll do crab walks.

4) Bayside, please work with FORE! on how to announce your name in the COT and who raised this kid? Posting at 5.30am for workouts as a teenager!?! I’m impressed. Keep it up! Maybe you’ll be leading the next time I’m in Roswell

5) One of the FNGs, Windex, rolled up on his beach cruiser bike, rang the bell and , rolled down his tube socks and proceeded to crush the workout. Squeegee just wiped down the bike and stole his baseball cards.

Maybe I’ll come back when it’s time for Q-school!

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