Football Drills on the Gridiron

When: 07/10/2017

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): Devito, Bayside, Crab Legs, PETA, Sprocket, 7-up, Mad Dog, Uga (FNG), Patch, Bird Dog, Jackalope, DoubleD, Turbine, Circus, Green Bean, DefCon2, Chelsea, Thumper, Doogie, AFLAC, Caffeine, Rooney, Hat Trick

YHC wasn’t sure what the crowd would be like this morning after the holiday week.  Note to Pax – we still have workouts the day before, the day of and the day after holidays.  Nonetheless it was a good showing with 24 total Pax with an FNG, welcome Chris Goodson – Uga.

I took Cracks comments about our warm-ups a little personal last week.  I love a good warm-up.  Even at 31 it takes me awhile to get moving, might be why I like to show up at 0500 for some pre-Ruck, sorry DC2 for the lost invitation.

So we started with some warm-ups at the shovel flag, SSH IC while we waited for a few late arrivals.  We had an FNG in attendance, so I gave a quick disclaimer and we moseyed straight to the Gridiron and circled up for our beloved warm-up.  I took a little different approach this time and made it more of a mini workout.  It went something like this…

Warm-up? COP? The Thang? It will all start to run together at the Wreck

  • SSH IC
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Mountain Climbers
  • SSH
  • Peter Parkers
  • SSH
  • Parker Peters
  • SSH

YHC’s Qs seem to like to keep the heart rate up, so we lined up on the goal line for some football drills.

Starting on the goal line with feet chopping until Q shouts “hit it!”  Pax drop for a quick burpee and sprint to the 10 yard line and continue chopping feet waiting for the Q’s “hit it!”  Made it all the way to the back of the end zone just to rinse and repeat.  Once we hit the 50 YHC started to only wait for about 50% of the Pax to get to the line.  The last couple 10 yards whoever was to my left was hustling so as soon as he got to the line we hit it and ran the last couple quick.  Gave the guys a quick 10 count before moving to the next exercise.

5 Corners cumulative BOMBS?

  • First Corner – 10 Burpees
  • Second Corner – 10 Burpees, 15 SSH
  • Third Corner – 10 Burpees, 15 SSH, 20 Merkins
  • Fourth Corner – 10 Burpees, 15 SSH, 20 Merkins, 25 BBSU
  • Bonus Corner – 10 Burpees, 15 SSH, 20 Merkins, 25 BBSU, 30 Squats

AFLAC, Green Bean and Crab Legs led the pack and took it to the end zone for some Mary until the 6 came in.

Recovered and a quick mosey to the adjacent gridiron that has a nice wall and bleachers for the next exercise.  11s with Dips and Merkins.  Starting with 10 Dips on the wall or bleachers, run across the field for 1 Merkin and back for Dips.  OYO until you reached 10 Merkins and 1 Dip.

The Pax held air chair or Al Gore until the 6 came in and we Moseyed back to the flag.  Thumper took this opportunity to sprint back to the flag, I guess I know what he want next time…

Back at the shovel flag for some Devito led Mary.  You can always count on him to get that going.


Again, welcome Uga (Chris Goodson).  Keep posting and 0530 won’t feel that early anymore.


  • Prayers for those traveling and for those about to travel.
  • Prayers for Bear and his Family as they continue to navigate the international adoption process and bring Stevie Teng Stanfill home.


  • YHC is loving these football fields at The Wreck.  Easy place to spend the whole beatdown on or keep exploring what else the Wreck has to offer.
  • The Wreck is going to need some new leaders to step forward.  We have some strong guys in the group that are more than capable of leading a workout.  I think a Q school for sometime during the week of the 17th will help familiarize some of those guys with what that looks like.  We need to #Giveitaway, even if that means giving some of the guys a little push.
  • We have a lot of runners in the group, maybe someone would be interested in starting that up for Roswell.  You could meet at The Wreck and run the trails or start a new location for the running group.  If you have any questions about it just ask me @IBeamF3 or Bear @taystanfill
  • I mentioned it in my last BB moleskin.  The numbers are great at The Wreck and I think could easily sustain another WO day.  Friday?  Saturday?  Just need to pull the trigger on one of them, but would love to get some more leadership beforehand.

7 thoughts on “Football Drills on the Gridiron”

  1. Good Q today I-Beam. I’ve been talking to Sproket and a few others about a Saturday am running group – I like to hit the trails nearby at Roswell Mill. Every run is a little bit different and you can hook up at the Mill, Oxbo, or Riverside. I run on Tues/Thurs also so would be up for multiple outings. Will be out visiting family over the next few weeks but will be back on 7/31 to help coordinate.

    • Awesome! I am down for a Run/Ruck group during the week on those trails. I’m not a runner so I’ll stick to putting 40-50# on my back and just walking. My running is just a by-product of the beatdowns.
      I think 7/31 is a good date to shoot to start coordinating and putting some days and people together to start it off and give some of the guys some more options.

  2. @AFLAC, in for run group. What time(s) are you thinking? I usually ride Sat a.m.’s but could alternate 1st & 3rd or 2nd & 4th Sat’s.

    @I-Beam, Putting vote in for *Friday* beatdowns.

    I have ruck but am curious to see what trails would be like with weight. what kind of load would you recommend for a ~150# hombre?

    • I am thinking a 8a Saturday trail run for starters and earlier during the week (Tues/Thurs) if anyone is up for it. 5:30a will be a bit dodgy in the woods, so we may have to adjust accordingly for daylight. City Hall may be a good meeting spot so we could alternate routes pretty easily.

      Also, what’s the best medium to coordinate potential future activities? Here? Twitter? Possible F3Wreck GroupMe option?

    • Noted for Friday beat down.

      I weigh about 175# and depending I carry anything from 30-40# plus 2L of water and misc stuff.

      The Vickory trails do have a good bit of elevation change.

      To be honest Twitter is the best place for communication for all of Alpha.

  3. For any runners out there, I do speed work on Tuesdays (intervals ranging from 400s to 1600s depending on the day), tempo run @ 7:15+/- pace for 5-7 miles on Thursdays, and long run on Saturdays @ 8:15+/- pace for 10+ Miles. Anyone interested in joining, let me know. I am usually either at RAP or riverside.

    I vote for a Friday beat down.


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