Zima Time

When: 07/01/17

QIC: Zima; Devito

PAX (): Mufasa; Dosido; Ha-Ha; Zima; El Matador; Locksmith; Slater; Catfish; Nacho Libre; Swiper; Hot Sauce; Lumberg; Devito

The rains from Thursday and Friday cleared out and the humidity moved in with a vengeance.  13 PAX posted to Widowmaker for a drenching sweat-fest to support Zima in his VQ for the first half of the hour.  Here’s how things went down:

Promptly at 0700, Zima lead out 12 PAX on a mosey up to the entrance circle for the warmup. Passed a gray pickup on the way out. Just as we’re starting the warmup, up runs Nacho in a flash to join us. IC SSH, imperial walkers, merkins and cotton pickers.  Mosey back into the park and onto the soccer field.

The Thang

We started off with a 4-square around the entire soccer field.  10 carolina dry docks at corner one.  Run to corner 2, repeat the dry docks and add 20 squats.  Run to corner 3, repeat dry docks and squats, and add 30 american hammers.  Corner 4 to repeat dry docks, squats and american hammers, and add 40 lunges.  Run back to corner 1 and plank for the six.  Rinse and repeat the sequence with merkins, LBC’s, plank jacks, and mountain climbers.  At this point Zima handed Q off to Devito for the rest of the hour.  T-claps to Mufasa who lugged a 30# sandbag on his shoulders through this sequence … he is a man on a mission prepping for Go-Ruck.

Next up was a trip into the Bear-muda triangle (YHC was intro’d to this during a visit to a Clemson BD).  Points of the triangle were the corner of the field, the intersection of the goal line and penalty box line, and the top corner of the penalty box, giving us 15-20 yards between points.  The PAX split into 3 smaller groups, each starting at separate points of the triangle.  Start with 1 burpee at your first point.  The PAX traveled from point to point around the triangle, bear crawling between each point.  At each point, perform one more burpee than the last point.  Keep going until you reach the 11 burpee point for a total of 66 burpees.  Escalating happy jacks (SSH plus squat) for the six.  We left a triangle shaped river of sweat on this sequence.

With the six in, we moseyed over to the rock pile and partnered up, each picking a medium-small size coupon.  While partner 1 exercises, partner 2 took his coupon on a tour around the length of the guardrail lining the road.  Then flapjack.  Each partner team completed 100 shoulder presses, 100 curls and 100 skull crushers.  Rock V-ups for the six.  Return coupons, mosey up to the picnic table pavilion and each find a spot on a bench.  10 IC dips followed by 10 IC derkins.  Rinse and repeat with 15 reps each.  Final round with 20 reps each.

Mosey back down to the soccer field and circle up.  At this point Hot Sauce blurted out a premature count-off (got pills for that).  Q was having none of that.  Everyone on their six for round robin Mary to finish out, 20 IC reps each. Flutterkicks, merkins (Hot Sauce), american hammers (Locksmith), freddy mercury (Swiper), and LBC’s (Catfish).  I think I missed one in there somewhere.

COT / Moleskin

  • Dosido and Slater raised prayers for friends whose marriages are in trouble.
  • Prayers for Nacho and group as they head out on a mission trip and for another mission group wrapping up their trip.  Safe travels and good results.
  • YHC thanks El Matador for joining in a nice 4.25 post-BD run through the Lake Windward neighborhood behind Widowmaker.  YHC hit a wall on a steep uphill at around mile 3 and El Matador was there to keep me motivated and going.
  • YHC apologizes for being a day late getting out this BB.  It came down to a choice between writing this BB vs. smoking ribs and beer.  Pretty obvious which won.

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