Real dads take care of their babies, even if they are sandbabies

YHC earlier in the week told a newer PAX that Bloodhound would be out Saturday, so most likely we were free from the tyranny of sandbags for a week.  YHC unfortunately lied, Cobains Yokel.  As YHC began to develop the beat down for the day before Father’s Day, it became increasingly clear and appropriate to have babies at the workout.  Since we are doing a 2.0 workout next weekend, the next best option was sand babies. When YHC asked Bloodhound to barrow the babies, his first response was “they are going to hate you.”  Well he maybe right, but we got stronger today, so mission accomplished.

Warm up:

We ran to the front corner of the parking lot to perform 15 SSH and 10 Cotton Pickers.

Next we side shuffled Left to the next corner of the to perform 10 Imperial Walkers and 10 Squats.  Then we ran to the back of the parking lot for 15 SSH and 10 Windmills.  Last we headed to the back of my car to pick up our kids, the sand-babies.

The Thang

We took our babies to the track and because it’s usually a little easier when you have someone to help carry the load so we partnered up.  For this circuit one man ran around the track holding his baby over his help like a proud father, when he could no longer keep his arms locked out he laid his baby (or dropped) on the track and ran the rest of the track back to his partner.  The partner then ran to the baby and began carrying it as far as he could.  We did this until we made it 2 laps around the track.  While the one partner was carrying the other was performing BLIMPS.

We did a quick Kodiak 10 count then sat on our 6 for a round of Ha-Ha pass the baby in both directions.  We followed this up with a nice and easy colt 45 with the sand babies.  

After our arms were sufficiently warmed up we moseyed, with your babies, to the “Plank” (the sidewalk that runs through the parking lot near the tennis courts).  Then we partnered up, Dora with sand babies – 100 Press, 200 Squats, 300 LBC (No Sand) – While 1 partner worked, the other ran to the school and back.

We finished with just enough time to have a few rounds of Mary with American Hammer, 6 inches (courtesy of Yokel), and Hombre finished the day off with a Spanish counted crab exercise that just sucked.


  • Prayers for Cricket and his family as they will be welcoming a new baby this coming week, and he is taking his mother for oral procedure.
  • Prayers for The Mole & Flash (from big creek, thanks for coming up) who will both be taking youth groups to Florida in the next week, Seriously many prayers.
  • Prayers for Banjo and his upcoming lock in that he will be in charge of this next week
  • Thank you to Cricket with his inspirational words to close us out for the day
  • Finally prayers for all of the fathers, thank you for all that you do to be an strong guiding example for all of your children.


  • Thanks to Flash for joining us this morning.
  • Thanks to Bloodhound (who should be back next week) for loaning me the babies
  • 2.0 workout this next Saturday (the 24th).  Please let me know if you are coming and with how many people so that I can have enough refreshments.
  • Have a great Father’s Day.