Lucky 7 for some DMD in the gloom!

When: 02/28/17

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Leghorn, Darth Visor, Big Dipper, Clyde, Chief, The Body

That’s right.  7 HIM’s showed up to call in the springtime in the waning couple of weeks in the gloom before daylight savings arrives and lightens up some of the remote corners of the Creek.  Here’s how she went…

Warm up’s:


Cotton Mills


Copperhead Squats

Darth was proud to be able to throw in his favorite impression of his nephew, Crack with “Are we gonna warm up all day or exercise?!”  Crack would have been proud.  Anyway,  on to…

The Thang:

Mosey to the Track for some Dirty McDeuce, which consists of 3 exercises, 15 reps of each, and then a lap around the track.  Rinse and repeat x 4.

Round 1:  Burpees, Squats, lunges

Round 2:  Merkins, J-Lo’s, Monkey Humpers

Round 3:  Wide Merkins, reverse LBC’s, calf raises

Round 4:  Diamond merkins, LBC’s, Long slow flutters

Short Mosey to the whuppin’ shed for some 40’s:

30 donkey kicks, 10 wall taps, then 20/20, then 10/30.

to the bleachers for alternating dips and lunge walk up and down the bleachers.  Rinse and repeat.

Back to the flag by way of the coupon pile with a quick stop for 2 sets of rapid fire’s:

low curl, high curl, full curl

ohp, skull crushers, rows

Sprint back to the flag.  Leghorn erased the chicken curse against the Senior sprinter from Tiger nation, but strong effort by all.


Rosie’s, Freddie’s, swimmers


– Prayers for 410’s brother for surgery recovery and next steps

– Prayers for Reuben as he prepares for surgery and a move

– Prayers for Clyde’s co-worker’s husband for recovery from motorcycle accident.

– Prayers for healing for YHC’s family over unexpected death of dog last week.

– Praise for F3 Nation and all of the blessings.  Great encouragement from Dipper, great to see Leghorn back and cheers to the Body for pulling double duty at BC and Cherokee this week.  (Wait, did I just HC him for tomorrow?  Sorry TB)

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