Dora at the Ditch with Blocks and Bricks

When: 02/23/17

QIC: McFly

7 Pax Meet the Ditch for Pain

  1. Warm Up: 20 SSH IC, 20 TTT, 30 Little Baby Atm Circles Forward, 30 Little Baby Arm Circles Reverse, 30 SG’s, 20 Seal Jacks, 20 Carolina Dry Docks 30 flutter kicks.
  2. The thang- Pax broke into teams of 2 two and grabbed one block and two bricks per team for some Dora.  100 Merkins, 200 Kettle Bell Swings and 300 Squats with Blocks per team while taking turns running laps with bricks. Afterwards we had time to alternate between 4 sets of 25 curls when the blocks while partner did speed curls with the bricks.
  3. Mary was Little Baby Crunches, Freddie M’s, X’s and O’s and finally, the flutter kick!

Just like God gave each of the Israelite tribes different territories to occupy and subdue in the book of Joshua, he’s given each of us territories. If they went in like Caleb trusting Him to keep his promises He delivered the enemies into their hands. If we follow His Word and Trust His promises we too can live victoriously.

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