Kickin’ the week off right…

When: 2/20/17

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Stump Jumper (Davidson, NC), Cookie, Nacho Libre, El Matador, Sunshine, Boomer, Sneakers, the Dab, Captain Stubing

10 PAX rolled up to #thehooch for a 20 sec on 10 sec off sweat fest.  Welcome Stump Jumper from Davidson, NC.  Come back and see us next time!  It was good to have a Cookie and Nacho drive over this a.m.  It has been a while since YHC has done a back blast, b/c I haven’t led this year.  This season has been a battle for sure, and I’m glad I have a whole bunch of HIMs in my corner.  Not sure how #SadClowns endure when things get tough.  Grateful for all of you @F3_alpha men, even the ones I haven’t met yet, but will.  You held me up.

Here’s what went down this A/M:

Warm up mosey around the lot and back for some SSH, Tempo Merkins, Arm Circles (all IC)

To the back lot for some Tabata work…20 sec on and 10 sec off.  ABABABAB format for 4 rounds each grouping.  Big lap in between each group.

  • First group- Dive Bomber Merkins/ High Knees
  • Second Group- Breakdancer Merkins/ Speedskaters
  • Third Group- Lat Pull Merkins/ Side Straddle hops
  • Fourth Group- Split Squat Left in front pulses/ Left leg over right- right elbow to knee LBCs
  • Fight Group- Split Squat Right in front pulses/ Right leg over left- left elbow to knee LBCs
  • Big lap to finish off

Return to the flag for MOM…popcorn style.  Each PAX called a cadence core exercise when called on.

COT: Prayer for my Dad, Squirrel, and Dabs brother.

Moleskin: It is time to get ready for the mudder to benefit Promises686.  Talk to Sunshine or Squirrel about joining a team.  This will be a great opportunity for us to show the Atlanta community who we are and why we workout AND maybe attract some sad clowns that need to get in shape for the big event.

Honored to lead you fellas this a.m.

See you in the gloom,


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