Something old, something new, Happy 40th DCII!

When: 02/18/17

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): D.C II, Nacho Libre, Crack, Boomer, Mufasa, Gizmo, C4, Cookie, Ha Ha, Devito

It has been a while since YHC has had the privledge of leading the fine group of men at the Alpha beat down, so grateful to have that opportunity this morning.  Here’s how she went…

Mosey up the stairs to the far end of the parking lot for Warm ups:


Cotton Mill

Darth inspired hillbillies

The Thang:

Mosey along the high side trail to the soccer field for some 10-4’s good buddy:

Sprint the perimeter of the field, stopping at 6 different pain stations for exercises starting with 10 on the first lap, then 9, 8, etc. all the way down to 4.  For the last 3 laps we mixed in side shuffles, back pedals, and karaoke’s on the laps.  Exercises were as follows:



reverse LBC’s


Monkey Humpers


Nacho, Boomer, and Mufasa set the pace and strong work by all

10 count and then headed to the center for some Captain Thors, 1:4 ratio of big boy sit ups and American Hammers up to 8:32

Mosey to the coupon pile for some partner exercises: Dora’s with Rocks

Partner A does a lap around the guardrail and partner B works on:

100 curls

150 overhead presses

200 rows

Indian run around the field and then back to the circle for round robin Mary.  Great job by all, expecially newer members of F3 as we picked up a couple of new exercises to add to the rotation!

back to the Flag for COT:

– Great recommendation from Gizmo on a book, “raising a modern day knight” about being good role models to our sons.  Look out for a possible study to form around this important topic.

– Teams forming for Blue Ridge relay with Ha Ha taking the lead role for F3.  Let him know if interested and more details to come.

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