Over the Hill – Lordy Lordy looks who’s Forty

When: 02/16/2017


PAX (): Fondue, NachoLibre, Mufasa, LawDog, TheDab, Murdoch, TO, MillerTime, Cookie, DefConII, Devito, BlueSteel, Boomer.

The Story

Forty is the new Thirty.  Over the Hill and all downhill from here.  One foot in the Grave.  So old!  Many of the things a person hears when approaching the age of 40 years old.

This journey started in 2015 when said YHC realized that running upstairs in said Abode wasn’t without heavy breathing and a struggle to bound all the way to the top.  So was born the need and realization with two years until 40, YHC didn’t want to cruise downhill toward the grave out of breathe.

YHC’s brother in South Metro mentioned this crazy thing called F3.  About the same time a Transplant from the mother ship mentioned to YHC a plan to launch a new AO.  So was born the mechanism to get to 40; stronger, fitter and in a great place to accelerate up that hill.

So comes the point of this little story, YHC just celebrated said marker of 40 years on this Little Blue Dot, nearly two years after the launch of F3 Alpha.  It is a privilege, right of passage and massive honor to stand today as the Q the day after YHC’s bday and pass on the #downpainment to others; helping them in these 45 minutes to gain control climb their own hills in life.

The Thang

13 PAX Posted for the Party

Mosey to Grit’s Field for Warm ups

  • SSH = 40 Count (of course)
  • Carolina Dry Docks = 30 Count (nearly killed YHC, since it actually is 60)
  • Imperial Walkers = 40 Count (we got this)

Mosey to Parking lot before Horse Field for continuation of Warm ups

  • LBC = 40 Count (easy)
  • Foot Slaps = 40 Count (not idea what these are called, but think Froggies meet Dead Cochroaches meet American Hammer.  Balance on bum and hit opposite hand to foot in 4 count cadence.)
  • Mtn Climbers = 40 Count (prelude of what is to come)


Mosey up the Hill by the Ferrari Dealer. Squats OYO to wait for the Six.  Over and down the hill to the bottom.

Grab a partner and partner carry up the hill.  Swap halfway up the hill.  10 Burpees.  Go Down Hill and Plank for Six.

Did the PAX see where this was going?

Do it again.  Do it again.  Do it again. Equals = 40 Burpees (the theme of the day).  And yes someone did yell, “Dear Lord”.

A Pax suggested thanks of not having to go down the hill yet again, but YHC directed the crew halfway back down the hill to run up Backwards.

Once back on top of Ferrari Hill, the PAX headed to the Flag in an Indian Run.  The Indian Run was a good clip as we sailed down that hill back to the Wacky Wooden parking lot.

Arrived at the flag at 6:14 with time to spare for one crowd pleaser:  American Hammers – 40 Count.


Prayers for TO’s friend with Leukemia,  Moonshine’s Flu and other illnesses.  Thanks for many opportunities of upcoming events for the PAX to join: Spartan, Mudrun, BRR.


Thank you PAX for allowing YHC to have this Bday Q.  YHC at 40 is stronger, fitter and wiser than YHC at 30; much to the credit of this AO and many #HIM.


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