Merks with Perks

When: 02/16/17

QIC: Darth

PAX (): Swiper, Big Dipper, The Body, Gizmo, Hammer, and last but not least Crack

6 PAX joined in the cool #BigCreek air to enjoy , Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. Or was it 7, Ah yes there @Crack is emerging from the darkness for a little Warm Up, Gizmo does not disappoint with 20,000 Lumens beacon strapped to his forehead. Big Dipper emerged from the eclipse for his February debut. The Body insisted he is still a Q in training not letting peer pressure get to him YET! Hammer will lead us into the Gloom on Tuesday so come on out next week. Swiper has adjusted his clothing selection to accommodate 10 degrees cooler weather that his phone app suggest.

SSH   – Cotton Mills – Imperial Walkers – Plank to slow Merks.

Mosey to Baseball Field Snack Shack

20 Merkin Madness Count down (210 total)

Run up hill to entrance for 20 Merks back down to shack for 19 Merks run up to entrance for 18 all the way to ONE. Nice work men. Mumble chatter about unique nature of braving cold and pain – Gizomo! and that he would not do this exercise alone.

LBCs till the 6 arrives…skipping F3 is bad move.

Mosey to little hill

Run Up Hill between sets.

1) 10 LT Dans                                  audible out of  1) 15 Burpees

3) 20 Jump Squats                         audible out of   2) 15 Star Jumps

4) 30 Squats                                    audible out of  3) 15 no hand Merks

More Perks awaited so had to cut this short…

Mosey over  to rock pile

Colt 45s   15 Curls – 15 Head Crushers – 15 Shoulder Press

Partner up

Sit ups feet together pass rock. 50 passes

Standing partner back to back pass. 25 times around

Race to Flag


20 Seal sit ups…always a crowd favorite


Praying for family unity, jobs, health and wellness.

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