Need an idea for your lady on Valentine’s Day???

When: 02/14/17

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Darth Visor, Tarzan, The Body, Law Dawg

Well look no further than F3 for suggestions on how to make her day!  We know that F3 men, (actually all men) are known for procrastination due to the large number of PAX who show up around 5:29 am for our beat down’s, so YHC decided to take the opportunity to showcase some gift ideas for the M’s in our lives…Here’s how it went down:

Warm up’s- 14 each, all IC:


Abe Vigoda


The Thang:

Mosey to FOD II for gift idea #1:  4 LB Box of chocolates = Quarter Pounders

On the soccer field starting at the goal line

Sprint to the 25 yard line, do 25 merkins, backpedal back

Sprint to the 50 yard line, do 50 squats, back pedal back

Sprint to the 75 yard line, do 75 mountain climbers, back pedal back

Sprint to the other goal line, do 100 Side straddle Hops, sprint back

Gift idea #2:  Teddy Bear = Bearmuda Triangle

50 yard Triangle

Bear Crawl to first corner, do 5 burpees

Bear crawl to second corner, do 5 burpees

Bear crawl home, 5 more burpees

Gift Idea #3: Pendant  = Dora’s with  Coupons

(BTW, No pendants were selected from the rock pile for these PAX!)

partner Up and partner 1 sprints to the stop sign with their coupon while partner 2 works on:

25 full curls

50 Overhead Presses

75 Rows

Gift Idea # 4: Dozen Roses = Dozens around the Kidney Bean

Lap around the kidney bean stopping at each light pole for combo’s of Diamond Merkins and Monkey Humpers that equal 12 at each stop.

11 Diamonds, 1 MH, then 10/2, 9/3, etc. all the way back around

Why these exercises?  Diamond merkins because diamonds are a girls’s best friend and Monkey Humpers because it didn’t seem right to have a Valentine’s Day beat down without working in Monkey Humpers at some point!  F3 Strong!!!!!!!!!!

Stopped by the small pavilion for 2 rounds of Rockette Dips and step up’s and then back to the flag for Mary; 14 reps of each, all IC:

Michael Phelps






-Prayers for healing and blessings for god’s grace in all of our lives

-Prayers for growth of F3 nation at Big Creek and beyond!




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