Lots to do, so little time

When: 02/11/17

QIC: dosido

PAX (): millertime, mufasa, boomer, bloodhound, haha, DC2, babyface, lorax, dozer, swiper, the dab, davito, & zima (FNG)

41 degree starting temperature but it really felt a little colder than that. When asked if gloves would be needed I recommended them, but once we really got going the feel of the cold ground was actually a relief – so layers were shed. here’s what went down:

Mosey to top of hill area
SSH x30
Cotton pickers (slow & deep) x10?

the Thang:

Continue mosey around the entire park loop pausing twice for 6 / first pause we performed dolly then at second pause we did rosalita. Continue to the upper rock pile near soccer field for coupon, bring said coupon into the field and place along the benches…

Facing the width of the field we bear crawled the ENTIRE distance then planked for 6
Broad jump back to midfield to perform 10 merkins then broad jump rest of way (10 count)
Next was suicides using mid field then full field and back (15 count)
Next was bear crawl to midfield, plank for 6, then bear crawl rest of the way
Last we sprinted back to the start (10 count)

Grab some bench and your rock: on your honor perform 50 dips, 50 curls w/rock, 50 derkins (feet on bench – these really sucked at this point)

Mosey to face the length of field for Partner Carry Races, switch at midfield.
Then Partner carry up the adjacent stairs – each PAX carried up 2x.

Next we took advantage of some wall for Balls to the wall (BTTW)
Results- 3rd= dosido, 2nd= boomer, champ-ee-own= millertime, nicely done fellas, boomer and millertime went well past the PAX for a great showdown. Boomer may have tipped his hand and let a secret technique slip as he nearly came down parallel with the ground, feet still on the wall before semi-miraculously recovering to push miller even harder – it was a funny moment, what a brilliant-yet-nearly-impossible-for-anyone-other-than-boomer way to get blood back to the arms!

Mosey back into the field for Ring of Fire: first, 10 merkins as each PAX went solo, and around the ring we all waited our turn while planking. Repeat – only this time hold Air-chair for each PAX to do 10 squats solo.

Next was an Indian run slalom-style. this got very sloppy; in fact, in a strange way we should all be somewhat proud as it may have been the worst indian run I’ve ever seen – but i’ll take the blame for not correcting it right away – it was so bad i just couldn’t be bothered 🙂

Still with 6 minutes in my pocket we headed to the flag for MARY.
LBCs, Flutters, Reverse LBCs, Boxcutters, then Negative merkins and Copperhead squats ensued


Squirrel’s family needs urgent prayers; there has been an unexpected death in his immediate family – we’re here for you if needed brother
Mufasa M sprained her ankle but there was worry of a far worse outcome than that – quick recovery prayers needed


Welcome FNG Zima. He comes by way of Davito, spreading the word! way to go Davito –
Great work by all PAX today – this workout was thorough – shout out to the 6 for recognizing when to modify. No shame in that at all; keep it up and you’ll get faster/stronger!
Oh, and one more thing; mufasa and DC2 arrived for a pre 60 (yes 60, that’s not a typo) evidently they rucked, did weighted squats, and ran the HILL several times for an HOUR before we all even showed up. Millertime came for a pre 30 but ended up solo as the other mates could not be found – very impressive fellas

peace-out homies,

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