Rock Majors

When: 02/09/17

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): Moonshine, DC2, Nacho Libre, DeVito, Cookie, Fondue, Crack, RG3, Mufasa, Babyface, Peanut

Well I don’t think anyone looked like Arnold when we finished but 12 HIM  did get after it in the gloom on a windy morning.

We started in the parking lot with a bevy of normal warmups – SSH, Cotton Pickers, Mercan’s, Windmills

The Thang – Partner up with each pair instructed to locate an unusually large Rock – something you can carry but barely run with.

Out to the FOD and line up on the third base line.

The purpose for the large rock was that our focus was on the Major Muscle Group exercises today.  That included Flat on your back chest press, Deadlift, Shoulder Press and Squats.  While One man did the exercise, the other partner was running to the fence and back.  Each man did each exercise twice.

Next  partner 1 held the rock across his chest and did 20 situps while partner 2 held his feet and then swapped.  Following that partner 1 did 20 mercan’s while partner 2 held that rock steady on his back and swap.   We did this cycle twice

Finally each pair stood back to back and did 20 full passes of the rock rotating to the right and then 20 to the left. Coupons down and Scout run for two laps around FOD

Back to the flag for mary to include box cutters and alphabet


  • Prayers for Cookies Cousin’s Husband fighting for his life


  • Start of Thursday 3rd F this morning following 1stF – plans to continue each week if you are interested.
  • New Cherokee AO headed by Babyface – Looking for guest Q’s for Monday and Wednesday’s
  • Always my honor to be amongst and lead this group
  • Happy early Birthday to Cookie!

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