100 + 95×4

QIC: The Dab

PAX (): Boomer, El Matador, Nacho Libre, Sunshine, Sneakers, Piggy, Peanut, Flo

This warm February morning YAC had the Q and made a quick decision as I left the house to grab a deck of cards.  We had a usual number of 9 HIMs show up.  Several commented how we have been hovering around 9-10 each workout with a different mix of folks posting….for the 9 that did post this fine day – here’s what went down:

  • Mosey around parking lot
  • In cadence – SSH, Imperial Walkers, Cotton Pickers

Mosey to church parking lot

  • Mucho Chesto – 10x Reg Merkins, 10x wide, 10x Diamond, 10x Offset Right, 10x Offset Left  (run 1/2 the parking lot between each) – air chair for 6 then repeat (100 Merkins)
  • Deck of Death – Hearts = Berpees (’cause we love ’em so), Diamonds = Start Jumps (star is like a diamond in the sky?), Clubs = Squat (they sort look like a “dump”), Spades = Merkins (nothing pithy here) .  Joker (the deck had two) had us running the length of the parking lot and back.  Counting Aces as 11, the total number of reps was 95. (Sneakers asked if anyone had added that up so YAC took a moment at the coffeeteria to make use of the Calc app in iOS)

Mosey back to flag

  • Mary – In cadence – Dying Cockroach, Freddy Mercury, American Hammer, Dolly (chatter was heard on YAC’s choose of underwear – the Mrs. should take credit for those)

COT – Prayers from Squirrel (and family) with the loss of brother , prayers from El Nacho’s student who lost a parent this week.

Great having Flo back!  So honored to lead a workout beatdown with a great group of men.

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