HoppyLikes Up Hill Both Ways

When: 02/03/2017


PAX (): TheDab, Crack, HaHa, DefConII

HoppyLike Run in Alpharetta

Strong showing for HoppyLike run this morning with 4 PAX posting.  With no better suggestions on a route and no qualms about distance, the PAX headed out on a crowd favorite route, but backwards.  Yes, hold the presses, we like to keep it mixed up and a little crazy here at the HoppyLike.

The Thang

Heading down down the circuit in reverse the PAX hopped light after light and intersection after intersection like master Froggers.  Once Haynes Bridge was reached we took a branch off the normal route to find some hills.  The hills were found much to the chagrin of half the PAX, but all were fine and made the run at a good pace.

A consistent pace was kept as the pack weaved our way back towards Academy St. for the final one mile uphill push towards the downtown finish.  One PAX turned up the afterburner once the barn was in site and zoomed up the hill.

Thanks Ha-Ha for recording once again.  https://twitter.com/Nelson_GW/status/827480100589432832


Thanks for Flo’s M in better health.

Ha-Ha has the EH on 5 PAX for tomorrow’s widowmaker.  Woot on using the Birthday excuse to wrangle 5 FNGs at one time!




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