When: 02/01/2017

QIC: Callahan

PAX (): Sneakers, Simba, Boomer, The Dab, Sunshine, Piggy

With the Falcons going to the Super Bowl this weekend, we had to have our own pep rally in the gloom.  Seven PAX showed up for a beatdown that didn’t disappoint…but kept us all moving quickly and busting it.  Here’s what went down:


Loop around the lot, side strides, butt kicks, high knees.

SSH, Cotton Picker, Imperial Walker (YHC fell back asleep during cadence apparently-counting is hard)

In honor of the Super Bowl, we spelled out DIRTY BIRDS for the workout.  It turned out to be a killer.  No points for second place, right??

D – Head towards Greenway to find some bench.  20 Dips IC, rest 10 seconds, do another round.

I- Indian Run down the Greenway past the bridge

R – Route 66 – Start with 1 Merkin at the light post, run to the second light post for 2 Merkins, 3 Merkins at the 3rd…all the way to 10.

T – Triple Check – Go past rock pile to the JCHS hill of love.  Group up by threes.  While the first PAX runs up to the top of the hill and back, the 2nd PAX holds plank, and the 3rd reclines in the peoples chair.  Once the runner returns, PAX #2 starts running.  PAX #1 goes into plank while the 3rd person continues to hold peoples chair.  Continue until all three PAX have done the circuit two times.

Y – Finding Y exercises is difficult.  We went for YHC choice, which was donkey kicks, and they were quickly named Patriot Ass Kickers…or even better, Yankee Ass Kickers.  There’s a Y exercise.

B – Bruce pushups – 12 Merkins total while one leg is raised behind.  Switch legs each time.  Rinse and Repeat.

I – Imperial Squalkers – Go for a four count as follows – 1. Squat. 2. Stand back up and raise right knee to left elbow.  3.  Squat. 4.  Stand back up and raise left knee to right elbow.  That counts as one.  20 total were knocked down.

R – Russian Dips back at our previous dip station.  Dips with one leg out in front.  Alternate legs each count.

D – Derkins – They felt so good by this point in the morning.  The PAX were begging for more!!!  One set of 11, one set of 10.

S – Star Jumps – We headed back towards the flag for this one.  Squat down and touch the ground with both hands before jumping.

We had a little extra time so we did some Rocky Balboa on the curb for time, and Dab’s favorite, Lieutenant Dans up to 4 squats, 16 lunges.

Quick Round of Mary – Flutter kicks, Dying Cockroach, Six inches, Reverse LBCs, Freddy Mercury

COT – Prayers for Dab’s nephew for strength and for good friends to circle around him.  Sneakers has a big week this week as a new client is in.  Pray for direction for how his team can best serve the client and identify a solution for them.  Simba is going through Navy Seals training this weekend…or something like that for a re-certification.  Stay safe and strong Simba!


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