Feel The Burn

When: 01/31/17

QIC: Bear

PAX (): Cookie, Nacho Libre, T.O., Moonshine, Murdoch, RG3, Miller Time, Bear, Mufasa, DeVito, DefCon2

11 Pax showed up for a chilly beatdown. Bear’s VQ at this location.

Warmup: SSH / Mountain Climber / Windmill x 2

Mosey to planters between fields.

11s (actually they were 12s) Box Jumps & Burpees OYO. Let the burn begin.

Circle up for Mary: Peter Parker, Freddie Mercury, Obliques x 2

Back to the planters for Dips & Merkins in cadence. The burn continues.

Mosey to the FOD.

Circle up for Mary: LBC, American Hammer, Plank Jacks x 2

Side Squat (pick up the lights) / Bear crawl baseball: Start at home plate; side squat (picking up the christmas lights) to first, bear crawl to second, side squat to third, bear crawl home. Glorious burn.

Mosey to flag (sprint the last 67 yards).

Circle up for some final Mary: Low dolly, low flutter, high dolly.


Prayer for nation and president and friends / family around us that are facing hard situations.

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