moonshine VQ

When: 1/28/17

QIC: dosido w/ co-Q moonshine

PAX (): the dab, mufasa, crack, millertime, busey, yuengling, moonshine, dc2, devito

the invitation for co-Q went out – moonshine answered the call. this dedicated PAX took the plunge and presented an effective first 30min on a 30degree morning this past weekend. here’s what went down

copperhead squats
copperhead merkins
carolina drydocks

Bataan death march (AKA burpee catch me if you can indian run) around soccer field

4 corners using 1/2 of soccer field forming a square
first leg: Lt.Dan
Second leg: Lt.Danger (Lt.Dan + a burpee for each squat)
Third leg: Lt.Dan
Fourth leg: Burpee Dans (most PAX were confused by the explanation here so most just made up different
interpretations of what to actually perform)
…time was up, moonshine passes Q to dosido…well done on VQ sir.

Mosey to bottom of the hill for OYO ascensions x3. At each bottom it’s 15, then 10, then 5 merkins. Each summit hold 30sec plank before descending.

mosey back to the field for AMRAP (as many rounds as possible: timer=5mins)
A round is= 10 merkins, 10 walking lunges per leg, 10 bigboy situps, 10 broad jumps. Repeat, repeat, etc…for 5mins

mosey to lot for mary

CoT: prayers were mentioned – thanks for sharing

great work out there – i think it was yuengling with the post workout twitter quote of the day, “my legs are in open rebellion” …four thousand walking lunges is tough!

My apologies for the delay – my lack of ability to write an accurate moleskin is evidence we must post BB’s same-day whenever possible –


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