9 were working hard at The Hooch

When: 1/25/2017

QIC: El Matador

PAX (): Boomer, Peanut, The Dab, Sunshine, Sneakers, Swiss, Hustle Bustle, Captain Stubing

9 PAX showed up for a merkin beatdown.  1 FNG, welcome Hustle Bustle (HB, Bustle)!  He’s not on Twitter yet, but it’s soon to come.  Here’s how the morning went:
Warmup, in cadence:
Cotton Pickers x 10
Side-Straddle Hops x 10
Squats x 10
Mosey to the Field:
Merkin Ladder: Sprint back and forth starting at 20, cascading down to 1.  The Q said “if you can complete,” but several PAX took that as a challenge.  Everyone was up for it, and completed 210 merkins!  The challenge even came out to go back up.
Make a turn for Lt. Danger:
Lunge, Squat, Merkin: 4:2:1 until we reach 10 merkins.  Together we completed 180 lunges, 110 lunges, and 55 more merkins.
From there we mosey’d back to the parking lot for a brief stop.  The BTTW challenge came down to the FNG and Boomer!  The veteran held his ground.
Mosey back to flag for Pick Your Own Exercise.  Reverse LBC’s, Dying Cockroach, The Flutter, Planks up to 30, Crunchy Frog, American Hammers, LBC’s.  The ambulance stopped by just in case.
This is a great start to the year for The Hooch.  Next week is the 1 year anniversary!  Be thinking about FNG’s we can invite, and let’s see about getting a big showing for next week.  Prayers for Flo & fam.  Don’t forget the Tough Mudder coming up in April, fundraising for Promise 686.

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