Today, we’re all Swedes

When: 01/23/17

QIC: Blue Steel

PAX (): RG3, Cookie, Foghorn, DefCon2, Mufasa, Crack, Bear, Fondue, Nacho Libre, Blue Steel, Miller Time, Murdoch, Peanut, Law Dog, Devito

In another controversial move — this one a real head-scratcher even for non-lawyers — the Rifty Mufasa, not content to inflict frustration on the PAX just once, requested YHC to serve as Q for another Beat Down.  Thought YHC, maybe a painful fartlek (Swedish for speed play) out of the Fartsack, combined with the usual stumbling like a drunken sailor through the calls, will irritate the PAX so that dirty, threatening looks will lead Mufasa and others, prophet-Samual-like, to call for the next Q candidate.  For the PAX have rejected him from being Q.  All this strategizing turned out to be unnecessary since the Creator mid-way through the Beat Down smote YHC with an audible hamstring snap that likely will keep him Injured Reserve for quite some time.

WARM UP in slightly cooler temperatures (YHC’s car display read 45 degrees):

  • SSH x15
  • Toy Soldier x12
  • More SSH, but this time Tubthumping with approximately 27 Burpees thrown in.


As the Exicon predicts, the Tubthumping during Warm Up cut down, but did not eliminate, the Mumble Chatter as the PAX Moseyed over to the community center track for YHC’s version of a Bojangles Biscuit without benefit of full track.

  • Fartlek — Mosey around track for segments of one to two minutes, with intervening 15- to 20-second segments of AYG.

Hold for Six in Air Chair.  Mosey to community center back wall:

  • Ascending Testicles in simple cadence — 15 degrees, 10 Derkins; 45 degrees, 10 Derkins, full Balls to the Wall, 10 Derkins for those who could, merely hold BTTW for those who could no longer feel their arms.

Mosey back to grassy space within the track:

  • Bear Crawl Ring of Fire — Bear Crawl until Q halts; each PAX Merkin x10, seriatim, while other PAX plank; each PAX Diamond Merkin x10 while other PAX plank.


Mosey back to the flag:

  • Mary sets called by various PAX, including Flutter Kicks, Carolina Dry Dock, Dying Cockroach, and J-Los (may there never be an exercise named after any of those culture assasins, the Kardashians or Jenners), plus
  • Bay City Scissors x10
  • Monkey Crunches x10
  • Dolly x10
  • Werkins x10
  • Stagger-Right Merkins x5
  • Stagger-Left Merkins x5, and
  • American Hammer x [infinity symbol] (feels like we’re still doing them).


Praise for little gifts like the Falcons’ NFC championship.  Prayers for those who lost people, homes, and businesses in the recent Southland tornados.


  • Kotters to Devito and Peanut.  Great to have you back with the PAX.
  • Full BTTW Derkins are hard.  Hail to the HIMs who finished.
  • Thanks for providing company on the Mosey back to Mary, Law Dog.
  • Hail to DefCon2, who led the PAX to do one infinite set of American Hammer after YHC was smoked.  Great to see that Nacho Libre’s face looked like YHC felt as we struggled to follow DefCon2 on rep 2,563.


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