Rise up

When: 1/21/2017

QIC: Dosido

PAX (): millertime, mufasa, cookie, swiper, busey, dc2, the dab, & davito(FNG), yuengling(FNG)

I have to keep this blast short and sweet fellers – been a long day. We once again enjoyed better than average weather this morning and managed to beat the rain literally by 1 minute. We are blessed here in geargia! On the eve prior to the Falcons playing in the NFC Championship game i felt obligated to work in at least one or two related elements. Here’s how it went down:

mosey to cul-de-sac located at the entrance of the park
SSH x15
Imperial Walker x15
Long, Slow (and Gentle) Cotton picker x10
Merkin x10

The Thang:
mosey back into the park, stop at the stairs for partner carries to the top, jog back down. Tried for all groups of three but only managed 2×2 and 2×3. 3rd PAX in those groups waited at the bottom performing SSH until his turn to carry. The 2PAX groups were given freedom to SSH for breaks or go right into rotating the carry. Exercise until all PAX carried 3x up. (mufasa deserves RESPECT)

mosey to the “yet-to-b-named” soccer field for Rise up (morning wood) 4:1 ratio w/broad jumps starting from one end line. 1 Rise up to 4 broad jumps, 2 Rise up to 8 broad jumps, etc…til 5:20 was reached. To the delight of some of the PAX, this ratio miraculously landed most of us exactly on the opposite field end-line on that 20th broad jump! what a coincidence!

we then began an arduous DORA 1,2,3 of 100 merkins, 200 Carolina dry docks, and 300 reverse LBC’s. PAX1 exercise while PAX2 bear crawls to penalty box line then run backwards to tag in – same for the 200 dry docks, then changed to jog to the line forward, jog backwards for the 300 R-LBC’s.

Next we ventured to find the fastest man on the field – a la the NFL combine. YHC called out man to man match ups
for races to the 1/3 field yellow line. at the finish line slow up and jog to opposite end-line where winner exits left and back around to the start and loser exits to the right for shame-mosey into the loser pool. Winner pool match ups are called out until the last match remains. It was dc2 vs cookie in the finale – fastest man on the field today was cookie! congrats cookie. meanwhile over in the loser pool, mufasa was asked to punish the PAX with MARY until the races were complete – thank you sir.

with 5mins to kill before some MARY we visited the rock pile for continuous curls and zamperini combinations.
Head to the lot for MARY – we got in 3 exercises when time expired.

Welcome FNG’s Davito (he has twins…) and yuengling (he’s from PA) These two performed very well today – i think they’ll have no trouble handling what we throw at them in the future – here’s hoping we see you guys in the gloom again.

Always an honor to lead this committed group – let’s get out there and recruit some sad clowns and grow


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